Bloodborne Blood-Starved Beast Boss Guide

The Blood-starved monster Definitely one of the more challenging bosses in Bloodborne, due to its aggressive nature and ability to poison you quickly. In this Bloodborne Blood-Starved Beast Boss Guidewe will guide you through how to defeat the Blood Hungry Monsterincluding how you can easily outflank its deadly poison attacks.

Bloodborne Beast Boss Guide

The Blood-Hungry Beast may seem like a pretty simple battle at first, but before starting the fight, make sure you have enough Antidote. Unfortunately, you can only carry 10 Antidotes at a time, so make sure you stock up on Blood Pots as well. You should also change your weapon to dragon form because Bloodthirsty Beasts are very agile, jump long and move quite far. With your weapon in long form, you will be able to hit it more easily.

How to Defeat Starved Monsters in Bloodborne

During the first part of the battle, run to the Bloodthirsty Monster and wait for it to initiate an attack. As soon as you see one of its arms move, get ready to dodge behind it either left or right. In most cases, you’ll only need to dodge once, especially if you can get through it. A blood-hungry monster moves further with each attack that you’ll go beyond its attack range with just one dodge more often than not. This also causes a bit of a problem as you may not be close enough to attack. Blood-hungry monsters attack with several different patterns. If you stand right in front of it, the beast can grab you and bite your character. This poisons your character and deals a significant amount of damage. You want to avoid this attack at all costs, from a moderate distance the Bloodthirsty Beast will lunge at you with a barrage of attacks. You may want to dodge a few times to make sure you’ve evaded all of these attacks. The bloodthirsty monster also uses a swipe attack or two that are pretty easy to dodge and get you close enough to track an attack.blood 4 1When a Bloodthirsty Monster uses its ranged leap attack, if you can dodge for enough time, you can attack Charge Attack towards its rear and then critically strike. The timing for this is moderately tight, but the real challenge is lining up so you’re still behind the Bloodthirsty Monster when your Charge Attack does. It moves around a lot which can be hard to pull off. With that said, you shouldn’t worry too much about a critical hit as a triple hit combo will deal roughly the same amount of damage. its attacks while you counterattack with a hit or two from your long-form weapon or a well-timed and well-placed Charge attack into a critical hit. for a moment, then stand on its hind legs. When you see this, move away as quickly as possible. The blood-starved monster follows this location with a blast of poison emanating from its body. If you get too close, it will knock you out and potentially poison you. After this point, the fight becomes significantly more difficult.bloodthirsty beast 2 2You may notice that liquid is continuously spewing from the Blood Hungry Monster. This is poison and now it is leaking out even faster than before. Whenever you are near a Bloodthirsty Monster, your character is slowly poisoned. This is indicated by a bar above your character’s head. The larger the bar, the closer you are to being completely poisoned and the faster your life will drain. When this bar is full, you are completely poisoned and your life will drain quickly. You only have 10 and you will need one if that bar is full. Unfortunately, you can’t do much damage to a Blood-hungry Monster if you don’t get close, which means you’ll be ingesting that poison quite a bit. Use as many Vials as you can to maintain your health as you have twice as many Vials in them as the Antidote. If the poison gauge is more than 50 percent full, use the Antidote. You’ll also find three Antidotes behind the statue at the far end of the room. If you run out, use these as a last resort. Whenever you see the bar in the second half of this battle, you should either step back from the Bloodthirsty Monster and heal, use the Antidote, or just slowly let the bar go down. Unfortunately, at this point, the Blood-hungry Beast is much more aggressive, which means it’s hard to stay away from it. Keep the lock on at all times so you know where the beast is and keep your distance with multiple consecutive dodges if you need to.bloodthirsty beast 3 3You want to deal damage to finish it off, but at this point you’re better off surviving than risking getting poisoned and dying. Move in, attack once or twice, then quickly move away to deal with poison if needed. Although it is still possible to perform a critical attack (Charge Attack), it is much more difficult due to the amount of Monster’s Hungry Blood moving around. You’ll have to dodge a bit here and use your Antidote and Bloodpot wisely to ensure you survive long enough to finish off the Starved Monster. end of the room, then go around the back of the statue to pick up three Antidotes if you haven’t already.

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Essential tips for defeating blood-starved monsters

Blood-Starved Beast is definitely one of the harder battles in Bloodborne, so if you need a summary of things to keep in mind when fighting monsters, check out the brief list just below:

  • If you are facing a Bloodthirsty Monster and it attacks, a side dodge will dodge the attack.
  • Can stun the monster, while its claws are far behind.
  • When it has 50% health remaining, the Blood-Starved Beast emits a large poison cloud.
  • Fire Paper and Molotovs died fighting the boss.

From defeating the Bloodthirsty Beast, you’ll unfortunately have to step back a bit, if you want to get to the next chronological area of ​​the game. Go all the way back to Cathedral Ward, and you can enter the Forbidden Woods.

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