Blade and Soul Gold Farming

Usually, every MMORPG has its economy. To be fair, the vast majority of games are economic. You need to collect gold, ammunition, resources. It all comes down to your troops, buildings, items, and upgrades. You fight for control of resource buildings and killing enemies will give you rewards.

Gold Farm in Blade and Soul


Gold farming in BnS is limited, to say the least. That means walking around the world, collecting herbs, stones, skins and other junk items, to sell them in bulk, will not be done later. For some reason, NCSoft decided to limit farming gold to absolute for the sake of enjoying the game or whatever, which means you need to find other ways to get rich. Or die trying.

How to earn gold in BnS?

As always, players will find a way to increase their fortune, even if it is a small gold mine. We present you the most popular BnS gold earning options in Blade and Soul.


There’s a lot of this to be had in Blade and Soul, but not all dungeons offer good enough loot to make an absolute profit. Furthermore, for more difficult dungeons you will need better gear and for better gear you will need gold. Then again for gold you need to do said dungeons etc. You have to check which dungeons are soloable with you and which party you need to throw. There will really be a lot of requests in the conversation that people are looking for someone to join them in the conversation. Try and fill that void. Also, try choosing these dungeons to include in daily or weekly challenges. It will allow you to hit two birds with one soul stone and increase the gold rate per hour easily. You can always try the fastest method! Buy Blade and Soul Gold from a trusted vendor and spend it on all the useful things you can get in the market!

Daily and weekly newspaper

This is one of the best and probably the most reliable method for farming gold in BnS. Whenever you ask about making gold in Blade and Soul, the player will tell you: “Do follow up”. We have selected the best challenges in gold per hour and listed them in the table below.ChallengeLocationGold AwardEchoes of an EmperorNightfall Sanctuary43g 68 sChasing ZuliaTemple of Eluvium39g 20s 80cClockwork GuardiansNightfall Sanctuary34g 48s 90cThe Big StingNightfall Sanctuary32g 37s 00cLife and Death at the Temple of EluviumTemple of Eluvium31g 48s 60cQueen of the HiveTemple of Eluvium30g 00sUnconqueredScion’s Keep29g 90sRaven’s CrySkybreak Spire25g 74sMilitary InterventionSkybreak Spire23g 59s 50cDark RevivalSkybreak Spire21g 45sHot Headed, Cold BloodedTemple of Eluvium20gThe Great Thrall BrawlTemple of Eluvium20gDumping IronScion’s Keep20gKeeper of the PeaceNightfall Sanctuary20gBearer of the ShieldNightfall Sanctuary20gLord of the StingNightfall Sanctuary20gStealer of the LightNightfall Sanctuary20gShadowmoor RisingShadowmoor16g 25sLive by the SwordRansacked Treasury15g 60sBad KarmaSandstorm Temple15g 16s 68cHorrors of the HollowHollow’s Heart14g 17sRolling in the DeepsDrowning Deeps14g 17sSundered ReflectionsCircle of Sundering13g 69s 29c Leader of The PackStarstone Mines12g 93s 50cM passing by MaraudersOutlaw Island11g 32s 30c

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farm alts

Since daily and weekly quests are savings missions for your BNS bank account, you will need to complete multiple tasks to earn some money. But there are bounds to a character and you can’t do the same quest more than once. That’s why you need alternate characters – alts. We won’t go too deep into farming as an alt, because it’s not much different from regular quest farming. . However, keep in mind that it’s hard to have multiple accounts that perform well.


Almost every marketable MMORPG has its share. There are people who like to sit in the market for hours, hunting for undervalued items and selling them high for a profit. Or players who own tons of items and they are trading large quantities of them through the auction house. One important thing to know, however, is that auction house flipping is not the case with Blade and Soul. Firstly, there are not many items worth trading. Second, there is a daily transaction limit, a completely new limit for the community. A premium player can only list five items per day at rank 1, up to 20 at rank. We may not be the trading magnates in the game (we are), but for us, that’s too small a number to make a reasonable profit by flipping. Third, there are a lot of taxes and fees that ruin the profits of any trade and sometimes they can even put you in jeopardy. Normally, you would need to do some market research, but here it’s pretty much worthless.

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The rewards for participating in PvP activities are Moonstone and Soul Stone, and these will always be required due to their attributes and uses. It’s nothing new. However, be aware that PvP is timed. That means you won’t always find a party or enemy to PvP. That’s because most of the PvPers are from East Asia, and if you live in Europe you can play the game while everyone in Asia is asleep. Also, ping is essential here. While in PvE you can somehow get in with 300 milliseconds, in PvP that won’t happen, even if you’re a Whale.


Clearly, Blade and Soul is the first major title in the new MMORPG genre to wipe out gold farming, or at least not at all. Popularity limit, nerfs, lack of reliable BnS gold farming methods are what keep the game limited. Looks like NCSoft wants people to play games and nothing more. No wonder so many players decide to buy gold. Behind every major MMO game, there is a huge market, both in-game and in RMT. RuneScape, World of Warcraft, EVE Online, Tibia, they all have something to offer players – engaging quests, evolving lore, emotions, fame – but they all have huge markets giant. Back in the day, there was a legit EVE online casino! People create chariots that grind coins and raise gold in WoW, gather herbs and crafting materials, or drive stakes in OSRS. Some of them still do it for a living, using games as their main source of income. We can all agree that Blade and Soul are very weak in this department. We don’t want to make false prophecies, but if BnS dies, it will be due to a lack of good trading. . If you need help with anything, please contact our Live Chat support team directly and they will help you. They can repair almost anything with their power. Also, be sure to check out our other games like PoE, BDO, Albion Online, Trove, etc. Sign in, become a member of our fun community, read the content we have. Follow us on social media for updates. Sellers and Friends – the place with the best quality at the most attractive prices. Cheap, fast, no problem. Save your time and money using our website, as you will have your order delivered in less than two minutes.

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Frequently asked questions

How to farm gold in BnS?

Raising gold in BnS is monotonous, but simple. You complete a few dungeons, daily challenge, weekly challenge and it will give some profit even if you don’t have much time to play.

How to earn a lot of gold in Blade and Soul?

The best way to maximize your profits is to have multiple alts and do daily tasks on them, later trade all the valuables into one account.

How to bypass transaction limit in BnS?

Similar to maximizing gold earnings – via alts. Limit is not associated with the character, not the account.

How to buy BnS gold?

Go to our sales page. Once you’re there: 1. Choose how much BnS Gold you want to buy or how much you want to spend 2. Choose your best used payment method; It can be a credit card or other payment processor of your choice3. Fill in the boxes in the form4. Check if everything is fixed ok5. If yes, proceed to payment6. Once done, our live agent will contact you and make sure you are receiving the currency. Copyright 2020, all rights reserved.

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