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MUSIC – WEEK STARTS Wednesday, MayHello 4th graders! I hope you were able to take some of your time to practice with your recorder and get familiar with the two tunes I gave you last week. This week I’m giving you one more tune to learn and I’ve attached just below the recorder chart for you so you can quickly and easily find your notes if you forget any. which tune. If you find this too difficult, look back at last week’s songs and make sure you know them well in advance. which we used to sing in assemblies. It was written in 1772 by English poet and cleric John Newton, who worked on Atlantic slave ships that brought slaves to America. The song is about forgiveness, saying it’s never too late to be forgiven for every sin, no matter what. This song is harder than the ones you learned last week because the rhythm is harder. Be sure to follow the color coding carefully and learn only a few notes of the song at a time. Don’t start learning the next line until you’ve learned the previous one. Remember that the color coding of the notes is as follows: Orange note name means that the note holds only half a count (a beat) A green note needs to be kept for a count (a crotchet beat) One note blue should be kept for two counts (a small beat) A purple note should be kept for three counts (a dotted small beat) A red note should be kept for four counts (a semi-abbreviated beat) There’s one thing more for you to learn before you practice the piece and that’s sometimes we tie the notes together like this: Read more: What is Slam in tftA bound note is where two or more notes with the same letter name are connected by a curved line as shown in the figure above. When this happens, the first note is played as normal and then kept for the first and second note’s values ​​to be added together, so in this example, 3 +2 = 5 counts . In Amazing Grace, there are two places with binding notes that you will need to keep for five counts. I wrote next to them to help you. In this section, we have a dotted minimum (3 counts) and a minimum (2 counts) tied together like the ones shown in the figure above. Here’s the tune for you to learn:GREAT SUNDGBG THREE GE DR Read more: what is the difference between nad+ and nadp? | Top Q&AD GBGBADD (these two are tied together. Play only the first note and count for 5) BDDB GD EGE DD GBG BA GG (these two are also tied together in 5 counts, minor note 3 + minor note 2) to the first sentence of Amazing Grace is: ‘How sweet is Amazing Grace, That saved a wretched person like me. I was once lost, but now I am found, Blind but now I see’. When you can play this, ask your family to sing along with you. Have a nice and healthy week!f0a89097f3df43e7a92122a0f99b7b7a 1x1 1Read more: what does m represent in y mx b

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