1500+Beautiful sayings about life that change your life

Synthesize 1500+ good sayings about life ,  sad stories about the best and most meaningful life . Beautiful words and good ideas, this life quote is more and more poignant with each situation and case. Because feelings are like no other. So if you want to find or need to read short articles to satisfy your curiosity, you should not continue reading this article. To understand these beautiful and meaningful life quotes is a conclusion, an experience, a blood-and-blood experience, many generations ahead. So read slowly to absorb all these beautiful things.

Beautiful sayings about good and meaningful life that change life

Good sayings in life are the art of living, teaching us how to treat others, helping those who are in difficulty, deadlock, or failure to be stronger to get up and start a new life. So don’t hesitate to give these life quotes, good stories about life to your friends and relatives to help them get motivated to overcome the joys and sorrows. Or if you are depressed, helpless and unfair, then immediately read these meaningful sayings about life to revive your spirit. Life is inherently fair, it will not give everyone everything, but it will not take everything from anyone.

1. The world you can’t enter, don’t try to interfere, make it difficult for others, miss yourself, okay?

2. Sometimes, if you don’t know some things carefully, you will discover that the things you care about are so ridiculous.

3. Never change yourself for others. If they can’t accept a person with many bad points as a friend, then it is not worthy to have a person with many good points as a friend.

4. Sometimes struggle is always needed in life. If life goes smoothly, we won’t understand life, we won’t have the courage and energy we need, life is fair, it’s not without reason that everything happens to us.

5. You need strength, so life has set up difficulties and adversity for you to overcome and become stronger

6. Your life is only truly meaningful and complete when you know how to keep and nurture your dreams, recognize and believe in promises.

7. Never frown or frown even when you are sad, someone will surely love you just for your smile. To the world you are just an individual but to someone you are the world

8. You need knowledge and creativity to create life that has given you hands and minds to explore and work with.

9. If you pay attention to what you have in life, you will get more. And if you only focus on what you don’t have, you’ll never have enough

10. You will find joy in helping others with all your heart

11. Be grateful for the times when you have difficulties, because without difficulties, you would not have had the opportunity to understand yourself and experience life.

12. Trust is like a piece of paper, once crumpled, it will never be smooth..

17. Life has the right to push you down but sitting there crying or getting up and moving on is your right.

18. Nothing gets easier. You just get stronger.

19. We cannot start over, but we can start now and make a new ending.

20. Keep your face always towards the sun, and the shadows will fall behind you.

22. Life isn’t a movie, there aren’t that many… meetings without an appointment.

23. I told myself that it is necessary to live authentically. No matter how other people see me, even if the whole world is negative, I still have a self that believes in me.

I told myself that I need to live happily , regardless of whether anyone is interested in me or not. Because a person can also live a beautiful life.

I told myself that when sad, I can cry until my face is stained, but after those moments, I need to lift my head and smile.

24. Any insult should not become an excuse for you to fall. You cannot change the world but you can change yourself. All you need to do is choose the right path and persevere.

25. Everyone has their own way of life, we don’t have to admire the lives of others. Some people have a bright smile on their faces, but there are many tears hidden in them, there are people who look miserable but in fact they are living a very comfortable life. Happiness does not have a standard answer, joy does not only come from a path. Regain the admiring gaze of others and look into your own soul. Living the life you want is the best days, the way you want to live is the best way to live.

26. If you want to change your habits, you must change your actions.

27. In life, no one wants to be a bad person, everyone wants to live a life with their heads held high, not ashamed of others, not ashamed of their hearts. But sometimes life is not as expected, sometimes people have to live two faces in exchange for two words of peace.

28. In the current social situation, the indifference of good people is more frightening than the ugly things of society.

29. I think the purpose of life is to be useful, to be responsible, to be respected and to love. Above all, what really matters is: Live for someone, for something, and make your own mark on the world.

30. God gives everyone 24 hours, and how much that 24 hours is worth is determined by each person.

31. The most important life is the choice.

32. Being a person must be confident, but not to the point of being conceited. Being human should be humble, but not to the point of losing self-confidence.

33. Life, even if there are a thousand reasons to make you cry, you still have to find a million reasons to keep smiling.

34. You cannot control the direction of the wind, only the sails. You don’t have to see all the stairs, just take the first step with faith.

35. Friends don’t matter who helps the other more. The important thing is, is there anyone left in difficult times?

36. It’s easy to vent, it’s very difficult to be patient

The most shared love and life quotes.


If you are looking for something to listen to , these are the perfect quotes for you. Good stories about love are extracted from love stories and shared by a large number of young people, with big likes, shares and comments:

1. There is a person who, although many years have passed, is still placed in the deepest place in your heart, so deep that you yourself have forgotten.

2. Meeting and getting to know each other in the midst of the immense sea of ​​people is the charm, being lost in the middle of the earth without forgetting is the charm.
Meeting, is a happy tribulation, is also a false beauty.
Forgetting each other, is a bewildering beginning, but also a clear end. ”

3. My name when written on paper is only a few centimeters long, but it went through a whole period of my youth . Actually, I didn’t know that I was your dream. “Han Thien.

4. “Youth is the time to face difficulties and struggles, to strive. You definitely have to believe, behind every effort the reward is always multiplied. Your life today is decided three years ago, but if you live the same life today as three years ago, three years from now you will still be the same.” – 999 letters to myself | Miao Cong Tu.

5. ” It is good to be single, it is also good to be in love. It’s all just a phase in your life. If you don’t admire the people around you, don’t be dissatisfied with the present. Whether there is someone by your side or not, there is a promise to strive together for a certain goal in front of you, every emotional level in life needs to be experienced and summed up by yourself. If you live right, each stage will become a better self of you. Maturity isn’t simply about getting out of being single, it’s about allowing yourself to experience all that is “possible”. “- 999 Letters To Myself | Miao Cong Tu.

6. If I could go back, I would breathe more deeply into that day’s hair, look at that day’s face longer, and accept more pain to keep that day as close as possible to today’s reality.
Unfortunately, that day, that person, that is, stopped dating.

7. Afraid of feeling like embracing love… then suddenly it disappeared like it never existed.

8. For women, love is the whole of life, but for men, it is only a small part of their lives, no matter how promised at first, but when faced with choices vs. choose, they are always more practical and rational than women..

9. There are things you know very well but cannot say. Because once exposed, no one is happy …

10. If only I could read your thoughts to know what you think of me. I can’t wait forever because the more I wait, the more desperate I feel.

11. Somewhere in this world if he appeared, everyone else would become temporary.

13. People who care about me, I will care twice as much! People who don’t care about me, on what basis do you tell me to continue?

15. Women who are not attractive find men flirtatious. Men who do not have strength feel practical women!

16. Women, there is no need to tilt the water, just a man to lean on her for a lifetime!

17. The man who volunteered to pursue everything for you does not necessarily really love you, because what he pursues does not necessarily belong to you.

The man who volunteered to give up everything for you is the one who truly loves you, because the things he throws away are the most practical things associated with his life.

18. Perhaps we need to go through our youth to understand how selfish our youth is. Sometimes I think, the reason love needs to go in such a big circle, to pay such an expensive price, is because it comes at the wrong time. When we have love, we lack wisdom. Until we have enough wisdom, we no longer have the strength to love a pure love.

21. To the world, you are just a grain of sand – but to someone, you are their whole world.

Short love quotes in love are nostalgia and nostalgia for a distant figure. But that figure is always hidden in the deepest place, just hearing the name, the voice sobbing, waiting. The cheesy, smooth love quotes will be the most successful confessions , winning the hearts of the most women.

22. I always fly in the direction of someone else’s flight. This time I will fly the path that I have chosen.

23. The world you can’t enter, don’t try to interfere, make it difficult for others, miss yourself, okay?

24. Who doesn’t lie, who doesn’t change easily, nobody belongs to anyone. You have to consider some people, some things so important

24. It doesn’t matter how good they are, because those things belong to them. How good they are to you is important, because those things belong to you.

26. You don’t have to love someone with such care, reserve, and you don’t have to be perfect, a scratch.

27. You deserve a good night’s sleep, you don’t need to lose sleep because of someone who is sleeping soundly without knowing it.

28. One day, the edges of you will be eroded by the world, you will pull out all the thorns on your body, you will learn to smile at the person you hate.

29. I turned my head to explain to my ex, because I love the new person like I love my first love.

30. I knew you were coming, so I waited.

31. On April Fool’s Day, I sent 100 texts “I love you”, received 99 jokes and 1 text “I love you too”.

32. Peacetime turned out to be not as good as I imagined, because I couldn’t take the bullets in your place, so that I could never forget you.

33. If one day, I can’t help but ask you, who is the person you love the most, please you must definitely deceive me, no matter how much you don’t want in your heart, you must definitely say it, I love you the most.

34. I like mango, mango smoothie is not good, mango with sugar can’t be. It’s like I like you, I can’t look like you, I can’t have a voice like you.

35. Don’t stay up at night, even if you go to bed later, people who don’t want to find you won’t find you.

36. On the year-end train, if you have to get off first, please don’t call me up who is pretending to be asleep. That way, I can sleep until the last station, pretending not to know you’re gone.

37. In this world, there are many things that are eternal, but of course, love is not one of them.

38. If you can stand the loneliness , you can embrace the excitement. In the months and years, you can still try, don’t choose to live comfortably.

39. The direction against the wind, the more suitable for flying, I am not afraid of thousands of people stopping, just afraid of surrendering myself.

40. The moon under the water is the moon in the sky, the person in front is the person in the heart.

41. If you really want someone, then let him go, wait until he comes back to find you, you will have him forever.

42. Everything gets better in the end, if it doesn’t get better, then the proof isn’t over yet.

43. The biggest fear is the mediocrity of life, not progressing, and consoling yourself that is calm and admirable.

44. Everyone in the world wants to save the world, but no one thinks about such a simple thing as helping their mother wash the dishes.

45. If everyone can understand you, how normal are you?

46. ​​The human heart is something more terrifying than the devil.

47. Must have a simple life, with the most remote desire, even though it will be cold tomorrow, even though the road is long, horses can’t take their feet.

48. You should know that nothing is impossible.

49. In everyone’s heart there are many doors, sorrowful thoughts, sometimes it is not necessary to open them for everyone to see.

50. Sometimes you need to go away, not to let someone realize your place in their heart. But for you to understand and realize your own worth.

51. The greatest despair in the world, is not that there is no hope at first, but that gives hope and then mercilessly robs it.

52. If tears can still be fake, what else in this world can be considered true

53. Actually forgetting is not the most painful thing, people who suffer are people with memory.

54. It turns out that the distance between people also depends on how close or far it is.

55. People who are lonely for too long will not have the habit of loving and being loved.

56. Simplicity is happiness, simplicity is life

57. My happiness must be grasped by myself, must be protected by myself.

58. In this world, the more you know, the more unhappy you become. The truth is always more cruel than you imagine.

59. The most beautiful things are always the ones that are seen from time to time.

Stt sad about life: encouragement, reminder worth pondering

Beautiful sayings about life  and love, contained inside are many meanings, philosophies about life, you only need a few minutes to read and feel but maybe they will change your life, help you realize the truth of life, giving you a positive outlook on life and living a happier and more peaceful life.

Daily life brings not only joy but also sadness. There are very few people who understand the value of being in life or have ever sat down and thought back over what this life wants to tell us, or are it just challenges drawn by collisions. Here are the sad moods about life that make you extremely interested. Please read and think.

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A photo of a good quote about life, do your best

1. Life doesn’t give you anything. Everything that life gives us is privately valued.

2. The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is not in strength, knowledge or understanding – but in will .

3. As you may remember, no joy lasts forever. So why forget pain and challenges also follow this rule.

4. In life, where there is a winner, there is a loser. But the person who knows how to sacrifice for others is always the winner.

5. Life is never really deadlocked or has the concept of losing everything as long as you have faith.

6. The older you get, the more you will realize that arguing right or wrong with others is sometimes not important anymore. Most importantly, I just want peace.

7. Life is like a page, the madman will turn quickly. Wise people read and think at the same time because they know that they can only read it once.

8. If you shoot at the past with a pistol, the future will shoot at you with a cannon

9. Gaining trust is very difficult, but it is easy to destroy. It is not important to lie about big or small things, but it is the deception that is the problem.

10. Difficulties will pass. Like the rain outside the window, no matter how big it is, it will eventually clear out.

12. Never share your secrets with anyone because it can destroy you. This is probably the most important piece of advice ever.

13. Everything is precious only at two times: Before it is acquired and after it is lost.

14. 2 things that bring happiness and success in life: How you manage when you have nothing and your attitude when you have everything.

15. What is success? That’s when your photos are uploaded to Google instead of on Facebook.

16. The best attitude is: “My back is not a voicemail box. Please say whatever you want in front of me.”

17. Everything about the future is uncertain, but one thing is certain: God has planned our tomorrows for all of us. We must trust Him now and in this matter you must be very patient.

18. If a drop of water falls into the lake, it will disappear. But if it falls on a lotus leaf, it will shine like a jewel. Falling the same but with whom is the important thing

19. Don’t hide your love and tenderness until you die. Fill your life with sweetness. Speak lovingly while you can still hear and your heart flutters.

20. Sincerity is the best thing you can give someone. Truth, trust, friendship and love all depend on it.

21. No matter how big your house is, whether you just bought a brand new car, or even how much money you have in your bank account, your grave is just as big. that size. Be humble.

22. Don’t say but do. Don’t chatter, take action. Don’t promise, prove it.

23. Time is free but it is priceless. You can’t own it, but you can use it. You can use it, but you cannot keep it. Once you lose it, you won’t be able to get it back.

24. Silence and smile are two powerful weapons. Smiling is the way to solve many problems, silence is the way to avoid problems.

25. Life is not always perfect but it is the result of what you create. So make it valuable, make it memorable and never let anyone steal your happiness.

26. Worrying is just a waste of time, it doesn’t change anything, other than take away the joy and keep you busy all the time without getting anything done.

27. “There are no despairing circumstances, only despairing circumstances.”

28. “Start where you stand. Use what you have. Do what you can”

29. “The coldest place is not the North Pole, but the place where there is no love.”

30. “Poverty is not bad, poverty without lice is bad; cowards are not hateful, cowards without talent are detestable; old people should not lament, old people who live in excess are worthy of lamentation; Death should not be pitiful, death in vain should be pitiful.”

31. “Life gives us only 10% of opportunities, the remaining 90% is up to how we experience it.”

32. “Don’t stumble in front of life, that’s very good. But it’s better to fall and then get up and go up.”

33. “Metal is hard because it breaks, water is soft because it is soft.”

34. “Flies die from honeydew. Women die because men are smart. Men die for beautiful women. And parents die because of unfilial children.”

35. “A wise person is someone who finds everything new.”

36. “Intelligent people and beautiful people have the same habit: thinking it is forever.”

37. “The more you give, the more you will receive.”

38. “Be yourself, ordinary but not ordinary.”

39. “Sometimes it takes everything to find yourself.”

40. “Not everyone is your future. Some people just skim through your life to give you some life lessons.”

41. “If opportunity doesn’t knock, make a door”

42. “In the game of life, before you get anything, you have to give something!”

43. “Life doesn’t give you everything you dream of, but life gives you the right to choose your dream and the right to fulfill it.”

44. “There is nothing more meaningful than helping an unhappy person realize that he is not unhappy.”

45. “Every person can have different reasons for living their own life. You cannot attribute all of those reasons to the same.”

46. ​​“When you have so many choices, you don’t know what you want. When you know what you need, that’s when you have no choice!”

47. “Better to dare to try and accept the consequences if any, than to stand by and do nothing for the rest of your life.”

48. “Today is full of difficulties, and tomorrow will not be easy either. But after tomorrow, everything will be fine.”

49. “If you don’t dare to do crazy things when you’re young, you won’t have anything to smile about when you’re grown up and old.”

50. “Excellence is never accidental; It is the result of intense attention, dedicated effort, intelligent direction, skillful practice, and a vision to see opportunity in obstacles.”

51. “Life is very simple, but we keep making it complicated”

52. “People who laugh easily are also people who cry easily. And when they are most broken, they will be silent.”

54. “Wise people understand things with just one look, stupid people will forever refuse to listen to others”

55. “If you look for the perfect person, you won’t get a friend in your life.”

56. “Speak up only when you truly know your words are better than silence.”

57. “You have the power to create your own happiness. If you expect this from someone else, chances are you will be disappointed.”

58. “Optimism is a measure associated with success and happiness above all else.”

59. “Always keep your eyes open. Observe everything around. Because everything you see can inspire you.”

60. “Do everything with a passion, or nothing at all.”

61. “The only way to a great career is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Do not stop.”

62. “If you start, you are likely to fail, but if you don’t start, you have already failed.”

63. “We come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by learning to see the perfection within an imperfect person.”

64. “Some women choose to follow their men and some choose to follow their dreams. If you’re wondering which way to go, remember that one day your career will wake up and say it doesn’t love you anymore.”

65. “Life is always full of good things, including you.”

66. “There are no limits. There may be peaks, but that is not the place to be, but where we need to rise.”

67. “There are no limits for women. We can do anything and be whoever we want to be.”

68. The biggest mistake in life is to use health to exchange for things outside the body. The greatest tragedy in human life is to use life to exchange for troubles, and the greatest waste of human life is to use life to solve problems created by oneself!

69. Although it is very bitter, the truth is, no matter how big or big the house is, it is only a temporary place. The new crockery is the eternal home for all of us. Therefore, a large house is not equal to a wide heart, an open heart, a peaceful appearance is not equal to a peaceful heart.

70. When the spirit tends to calm down, the spirit becomes more eternal! Reducing, suppressing desire a little bit, pushing reason up, you and I will feel: Peace is happiness, freshness, newness is fortune, and a pure heart without desire is longevity!

71. Joy is a magical remedy to help people live a long life, hard work is a spiritual medicine that helps to maintain health and endurance. Movement is an investment in health, longevity is the return after the days we spend to exercise the body.

72. Money can hardly buy health, but health will be enhanced by money; Money can’t buy happiness, but to have happiness, you must have health.

73. Joy always accompanies those who are tolerant, wealth always goes hand in hand with those who keep their faith, wisdom always accompanies noble people, attraction always appears with people with humor and health. Go to cheerful people, open your heart.

74. There is no friend more important than health, and no enemy more terrible than disease. Instead of suffering and gnawing at the pain caused by illness, get up and move to make life more colorful

75. Great mandarin is not equal to great wisdom, great wisdom is not equal to high salary, high salary is not equal to long life, long life is not equal to joy, not afraid of low remuneration, only afraid of short life, not afraid of earning little money, only afraid gone too soon!

79. Life without love is like a desert. When you give roses to others, your hands will automatically smell good. It is necessary to understand that “loving others is actually loving yourself”. Let love be like the afternoon sun that warms each person’s heart.

80. Don’t lie because telling one lie has to make up ten other lies to make up for it. Do you need to suffer like that?

As we get older, we realize the obvious fact that a day passed will never come back, so from now on, let’s live happily every day, so that each day becomes more meaningful.

82. Behind a beautiful life is a lot of suffering.

You are human and cannot be perfect. Even if you get hurt, you still survive. Think of the precious privilege of being able to live, breathe, think, enjoy, and pursue what you love. Sometimes there are sadness along the way but there is still a lot of joy. We must keep moving forward even when we are hurting, because we never know what awaits us.

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83. One’s actions speak the truth.

In your life, you will meet many people. They may say nice words but in the end only their actions tell who they are. So pay attention to what people do. Their actions will tell you everything you need to know.

84. Health is forever yours

Money, children, power are temporary, glory is in the past, and health will always be yours.

85. Today’s sacrifices will be rewarded tomorrow.

When it comes to working hard to achieve something like: graduating from college, building a career or achieving something that takes time and determination, I want to ask you one thing. : “Are you ready to live a different life from everyone else?”.

86. The past is history. The future is a miracle. The present is a gift of life, that’s why we call it a precious gift.

89. Love, friendship, is not a lifetime without quarrels, but a quarrel and can still be together for a lifetime.

90. Don’t use love words to hurt the person you love at the worst mood.

91. There will be birth and death, but as long as you are still present in this world, you must live in the best way. There may be no love, no designer goods, but it is impossible not to be happy.

92. The afflictions in life are encapsulated in 12 words: Can’t let go, can’t think, can’t see through, can’t forget!

93. Recipe for a happy family

“Love, respect each other, know how to care and share, understand and tolerate” = “Happy family”.

94. One day you will understand, being honest is much harder than being smart. Intelligence is a kind of natural talent, and honesty is a choice.

95. Many things we long for are expensive. But the truth is, what really makes us happy is completely free – it’s love, laughter, and moments of diligently pursuing our passions.

96. Don’t lower your self-worth by comparing yourself to others. That’s because each of us is completely different, we are independent individuals with unique talents.

97. Don’t always blame yourself for your mistakes

You can love the wrong person or you can cry because of things that are not worth it, but one point is to forgive yourself, don’t forever look at your own mistakes and then blame yourself. Because of those mistakes, at least it helps you to avoid when you meet again next time, thereby helping you to become more mature. Remember, every mistake today will be a future experience to help you improve yourself, instead of blaming yourself forever, just fix it.

98. Don’t be too calm but walk slowly. Because at key times, you still need to let yourself shine, let the quiet days add color accents.

99. Love is something that cannot be forgotten. But you can always give up.

As for true love, it is not necessary to remember it, but always live naturally with it. So there is no question of forgetting or renouncing.

100. A truly strong person will not be too concerned with pleasing others. Don’t give too much importance to the so-called maintaining social relationships, the most important thing is that you have to improve your own internal strength, only when you practice well, will others come close to you, yourself. is the field corn, the new phoenix to perch; himself is the great sea, hundreds of new rivers converge, like fragrant flowers, bees and butterflies will come. Only when you reach a certain level will you have the corresponding social relations, not vice versa.

101. For each of us, everyone understands, joy and happiness will never last forever. And among us, we all understand and accept this easily. However, few people can accept the same truth about suffering and failure. Why is that? We don’t have much time left, so why not let go of those things to find the next joy and happiness. Wouldn’t things be better then?

102. Each of us is an individual, no one can be the same, so don’t imitate each other because God is not free to create a bunch of similar toys.

103. In this life, you are unique. Therefore, be confident in yourself. Stay positive and strive to your best, everything will be better. Don’t try to look at someone and then imitate. Because no matter how much you imitate, you cannot be the same. And how can the “fake version” be of the same quality as the “real product”. So, just be yourself, do the “real thing”!

104. Don’t cry because it’s over, laugh because it happened.

105. All that is past let it go. Crying or laughing, you can’t change it. So there is no reason for us to be sad, to cry because of the past. Looking to the present, things are not still moving with you. And then there will be better things.

106. If you want to make your dreams come true, the first thing you need to do is wake up.

107. To be precise, a dream is forever a dream if you don’t wake up. The only way to make your dream come true is to wake up and start it now. Dreaming is a wonderful thing. But it’s also full of fantasy. Dream 10 but realize 1 is success. And the only way to realize that dream is to act now.

108. People say that being handsome is not as good as a face, you will eventually get through if you work hard because whoever you are will win.

109. If you have worked hard to do something. Sooner or later, you will also receive “sweet fruit”. Of course, this also means that. If you do something superficially and carelessly. The results will not be satisfactory. Therefore, do not blame yourself for failure. If you are to blame, blame yourself for not being qualified enough, not enthusiastic enough to succeed

110. If others respect you, respect them. If they don’t respect you, still respect them. Don’t let the actions of others affect your good character. Because you are you, not someone else.

111. This life is yours, your attitude and character is also yours. The principle of life is also yours. Ha has nothing to change for others. No matter how anyone treats you, remember that you live for you, not for others. Don’t act based on how others treat you.

112. As we long for a life without adversity, remember that oaks grow strong in headwinds and diamonds form under pressure.

113. The greater the adversity, the more mature people will be. The more difficulties, the higher the success will be. Therefore, do not resent this harsh fate. If so, ask yourself why your life is so peaceful. If you want to become a gem, you can’t stay forever. If you want to make your dreams come true, don’t be afraid of hardships.

114. Be careful what you say. Once said it can be forgiven but not forgotten.

115. Words are one of man’s most feared weapons. It may not cause physical harm. But it has the potential to cause deep emotional and spiritual damage. Therefore, choose your words, avoid hurting others, especially those who love you. Because even though they forgive, they are not capable of forgetting.

116. Never regret what happened in the past, because that moment was exactly what you wanted.

117. If it’s in the past, don’t try to change it or regret it. Because no matter what, it is already a golden age that you have no way to change. And most of all, everything you’ve done in the past, it’s your choice, and you’re happy about it.

118. Of course, not every effort will make you successful. Many times, when you give everything you have, you still fail.

119. Success depends on many factors. Therefore, whether it succeeds or fails. The most important thing is how much you have learned. Even if you try your best, try your best and still fail, so what. At least, you won’t have to regret because you didn’t try hard enough.

120. Life will be so much softer, when people know how to put themselves in each other’s position.

121.“At the starting line, there are no winners and losers” so they are as good as they are in heaven. Win or lose is for your own goals to decide.

122. Your friends won’t need you to explain anything, and with enemies, no matter how much you explain, they won’t believe it. Just do what you know in your heart to be right.

123. Don’t take appearances seriously because it can deceive you. Don’t take wealth seriously because it can fade away. Go to someone who knows how to make you smile, because only a smile can turn a sad day into a happy one.

124. In this life, only you can understand you best. Not your mother, not your lover, not your best friend, not your fortune teller… but you. So be alert to suffering and gentle to pleasure. Suffering is due to our own mind.

125. A careless word can cause discord. One cruel word can ruin a life. A well-timed word can relieve stress. A word of love can bring happiness.

126. Always put yourself in the shoes of others. If in that position you feel pain, perhaps the other person will feel the same way.

127. Between success and failure there is a river of hardship… on that river there is a bridge called effort.

128. Stand firm and do not think that you will fall, you will never fall.

129. Humans are not born to disappear like a nameless grain of sand. They were born to leave their mark on the ground, to leave their mark in the hearts of others.

130. I don’t believe in anyone who doesn’t have sad moments, I don’t believe in anyone who is always happy.

131. Why should I expect someone’s sacrifice when I can only be selfish.

132. Just because someone looks strong doesn’t mean everything is okay. Even the strongest people need a friend to cry on. Marry someone you enjoy talking to, because as you get older, you’ll discover that being chatty is a big plus.

133. A smart person is someone who can hide his or her intelligence.

134. Don’t let life slip through your fingers because you’re stuck in the past or daydreaming about the future. Enjoy life in every moment, you will feel each day passes to the fullest.

135. Don’t rush through life so quickly that you forget where you come from and where your destination will be.

136. Between success and failure there is a river of hardship… on that river there is a bridge called effort.

137. When all else is gone, the future remains.

138. It seems that the older one is, the more choices one has to face when they were young, not just simply liking and being able to choose. Things get more complicated and there is always a parallel indecision. In the end, no matter which path we choose, we will still suffer.

139. Everyone has their own difficulties, there are also helplessness with themselves, there are also some deadlocks and times of fear. Instead of giving each other clichéd advice, we should find someone, secure enough, peaceful enough to say we’re tired, and cry on the other’s head. Everyone has been weak many times, but no one dares to admit it, just pretending to put on their toughness. Then over the years without seeing myself.

140. I think, after all, life is just a separation. But the most painful thing, is not having time to say goodbye.

141. Shared pain reduces pain, buried deep pain will multiply. Open your heart to share with someone because at least you will find some inner peace.

This life is not full of joy and happiness, but mixed with sadness and pain. But no matter what life is like, live for yourself guys, follow your dreams, do the work you like… Life is not giving up!

Status is boring about life and status is tired in the middle of a busy life

1. When I was young, I didn’t know, thinking that even a little hurt would make me unbearable. After experiencing the ups and downs of life, I know that through the long days of a human life, nothing is unforgivable, nothing is impossible to let go of.​

2. Happiness is not found by accident, it is the result of accumulation, the result of expectation. Sometimes, when you are in despair, happiness comes to you. Every day in life, as long as you know how to appreciate the people around you, take care of what you need to care about, then happiness will be waiting for you right ahead.

3. Time is really a scary thing, it’s more cruel than all, each stroke cleans all traces of whether good or bad, leaving only a faint scar with no shape. From a medical point of view, losing the sense of pain is also a form of disease, and it’s also quite dangerous, because if a person doesn’t know what pain is, he won’t be able to know how serious his illness is. to what extent. Yes, one must always experience unhappiness in order to understand what happiness is…

When we were young, we also lost our way, but it’s okay.

Up and down, he’s still here…

4. There are countless types of future in this world, but now there is only one. Without holding the present, what does the future mean?

5. Wanting to cry without tears, is it the end of grief?

6. People can try to find ways to change their appearance, attitude, cover their thoughts, but the spirit of the eyes and the aura of a person is something that cannot be faked.

7. Life is inherently painful, hating someone makes you suffer more.

8. Want to cry, can’t cry, want to laugh, can’t laugh. Turns out, the pain to the extreme, is numbness, is dumbfounded.

9. We hold the hourglass in our hands, but cannot stop the steady flow of the dust of time. The body is immersed in a dream of prosperity, there are few people who can take off the coat named materialism, dare to look directly at their true human nature, and few can live indifferently, without desire. vanity, not seeking fame and gain, or content with a frugal life but still doing good deeds to bring joy to life in a splendid metropolis.

10. What makes people most humiliating and horrifying is silence.

11. Be kind to yourself because life has passed in the blink of an eye, you have to love your lover because the next life is unlikely to meet again.

12. The world is so big, people you know by your side, are really few. Less to thrilling. Don’t know how others live. Probably the same. Alone at the restaurant. Going through the vast sea of ​​people, I couldn’t find anyone to talk to.

13. If it’s not yours, don’t force yourself to do anything, force it to only lose things that can already be achieved.

14. At first, I thought that the most powerful thing in the world was love. Finally, I was shocked to realize that the most powerful thing in the world is destiny… People are difficult to understand, bitter suffering is inevitable, when happiness is not appreciated. But when unhappiness remembers the past happiness, then feel regret and pain.

15. People can’t put money in coffins, but money can put people in coffins.

16. Something familiar has been lost, but there will be other good things to come. Believe in the bright things that are waiting for us ahead, when maybe in a turn, a quick stop of life up and down, we will meet again. Not a lavish meal, just a warm handshake, a few questions, and then each person went to a chosen side.

But as long as we remember each other, that small and simple happiness is also worth cherishing. Something familiar has been lost, but there will be other good things to come. Walk confidently on the path you pursue, because wherever you go, you will come, just have faith and steadfastness, happiness will wait for you at the end of the road.

17. Actually… that place used to be a place of happiness, but it was also a place of heartache… That’s how life is, no matter how much happiness there is, there will definitely be as much suffering. So sometimes avoiding is not a bad thing.

18. People are very strange. The older people get, the lonelier they are, so, in the end, is it lonely to choose people, or is it that people choose loneliness?

Good status for when you feel bored with your current life

1. Time is like an eraser that erases all love.

2. Snail carrying a heavy shell, dragging step by step, step by step forward. No matter how hard it is, it doesn’t want to give up, because that shell has been attached to its life. Each of us is a part of someone’s life, deep in our hearts, inseparable.

3. If human life also has a traffic light, green to go, red to stop, always peaceful and orderly.

4. Actually, I don’t want to grow up either. But this is not something I can control.

5. In human life, people sometimes fall into the feeling of being abandoned, that feeling makes people unable to keep up, it’s like being thrown into the middle of the vast universe, weightless and directionless.

6. Humans are very strange creatures. If they are alone, they will grit their teeth no matter how much they suffer. But when anyone comes near to pay attention to visit, they just want to whimper.

7. People have to wait until they’re gone to understand what they should cherish.

8. There are stories in this life that only happen once, once you’ve missed it, you can’t turn back.

9. There are people who have just met and have become familiar, there are people who know it for a lifetime and can’t be close.

10. Pain is not scary, scary is the most painful time when there is no one around.

11. Actually, in this world, something called something that can be touched with your hands is not necessarily a precious thing. But what is truly precious is what we bury deep in our hearts, but often remember it perfectly, well.

12. With effort, there is hope. If you don’t dare to do anything, there is only regret in this life!

13. People are always greedy, always want ten and ten, but in reality, how can that be? When you gain one thing, of course you will also lose the other. Because energy is immutable, it starts to get lost, it’s as simple as that. But ordinary people do not understand this field, and try to struggle.

14. Ordinary people express anger when the truth is revealed to cover up the shame in their hearts.

15. Feelings once deep, if suddenly lost, this kind of loss will hurt to the bone marrow.

16. I’m just saying that, think for yourself. Although I have said it many times, but I still have to say it again to you, the person with long-term love and affection will discover the other’s shortcomings, because we both hope that the other will be perfect. America; Likewise, people with hatred in their hearts will also discover the advantages of the other side, because human weaknesses are limited, until they can’t find them, paying attention is only one’s advantages. enemy. Don’t wait until you can’t turn it around, use the rest of your life to recall one’s strengths!

17. All pain will pass, time will erase everything. What we need to do is to love the present more, forget the past so that we can be saved, grasp the present, then we will be at peace.

18. Time constantly transforms people into different forms, taking away the naive innocence, fantasies, and strong emotions – the things you once considered treasures, when you have taken them all, That means you’re an adult.

19. There are a lot of things that can be kept in the heart but cannot be said. But once things cannot be said, they will never be forgotten.

20. People are so tragic. Knowing that there is no hope, but can’t help but continue to cherish the hope…

Philosophical life status for those who are collapsing in the midst of society

21. Waiting is waiting in the front, not in the back.

22. Time creates everything, but also changes everything.

23. Life is short and long. Actually, long or short doesn’t matter, in the end you still have to die. As long as you have the courage to do one thing in life, love someone, look back without regrets, live a little less than the world, you can’t call it unhappiness.

24. Alcohol only helps you to free yourself for a while, when you wake up, the troubles will not be solved because you drink alcohol.

25. Memories are a very scary thing, you can easily get it, but it’s not easy to throw it away, moreover, whenever it can, it can also remind you of the people and things you want. forget.

26. Just like people can’t know in the future how they will meet people or encounter something, so they will never know when fate will change. Sometimes, just a careless glance, a chance meeting can change a person’s life.

27. Life is like a train in which we are the driver. Every time we cross a station, someone gets on and someone gets off. The people who get on the bus with us at departure are mostly in the middle of the road and will leave, and the people with us to the end of the journey are very few. Not even one.

28. Suffering will heal scars, wounds will close their mouths. People always want to know what they need to be able to grasp it! In fact, everyone’s life is equally empty, so we need to find our own joy, using all the weirdest pleasures to fill that illusory life journey.

29. Feeling is a very magical thing, there are joys that need others to share the joy will multiply, but there are loneliness that need alone to understand.

30. Being alone for too long, people will give birth to a strange psychology, always creating a feeling of closeness with people who show concern for them.

31. Being used to being soft makes the heart also gradually become soft. Getting used to relying on them will gradually forget how to rely on themselves. Once tears lose their effectiveness, once you fall into an isolated situation with no help, if you are already a weak person, how can you still protect yourself and the people around you?

32. In this society, everyone relies on their ability to get what they want, calculation is necessary, and tricks are inevitable. Therefore, there is no black-and-white distinction, there is no perfect person, and there is no completely bad person. Those who conform to the law of survival are those who know how to live in harmony between those things.

33. People are sometimes like that, the more they don’t get, the more unwilling they are, the more they want to take over. The more belittled you are, the more you want to be acknowledged.

STT sad life & best sayings and moods about life

1. A decision made in an instant can become regret for a lifetime. Everything in this life, especially love affairs, seems to be predetermined, no one can distinguish right from wrong.

2. Actually, as long as they stop for a minute, let their eyes go a little further, they will easily realize that happiness is actually not as difficult and heavy as they thought. Happiness is actually very simple and gentle – with your partner swinging on a rattan chair, bathing in the spring sunshine on the doorstep, telling your children stories from your youth, happiness is the sound of innocence. children, “Dad, the story you told is so good!”, happiness is the sweet wife’s voice: “Darling, today’s dinner has sweet and sour ribs you like…” h

3. Why do people always like to leave regrets for themselves? Maybe life has a little regret to be complete. Life always, bit by bit, uses inattention to remind us that the things we think we’ve forgotten are actually just because we’re afraid to remember them.

4. People often say that time is the greatest thing, everything is eroded by it, buried, whether it is joy or pain, in the end it is inevitable.

5. Living forever in the memory is pitiful because no one is waiting for anyone in the old land.

6. When growing up, when life has really turned into a magnificent tragedy without end, people are afraid of tragedy, whether it is a novel or a TV series, one must know in advance that there is a happy ending. then watch. It can be said that they have become more mature, or they may have become more weak, no longer have the courage to face reality and suffering.

7. Without a strong heart, whether it’s reality or fantasy, it’s impossible to have joy forever. If you have a strong heart, you can live well in the real world. living in a fantasy…

8. There are things that should be said frankly, because there is no secret in this world that will never be revealed, even if it could be hidden, so what? It’s just hard to accept the moment when the truth is revealed.

9. Life is like that, paying the price and getting it back can’t be equal forever. If not, why would there be so many tragedies in this world?

10. When people hide their embarrassment or embarrassment, always choose to hurt others, and think that no matter how hurtful, they can borrow time to let things go, but when it’s lost then don’t think, there are times, time is not a universal thing to erase everything.

11. Someone said, a goldfish’s memory only has 7 seconds. Maybe that’s why they can be so happy so quickly, only 7 seconds, no matter how great the pain, they can completely forget. So good, so envious…

12. After going through so many things, we discovered that death is actually very easy, life is difficult. Being able to live to the end is the hardest.

13. There are people who become more attached, there are people who fade from their world. Some people cherish and keep it close to them, some people bury it deep in their hearts, sometimes drinking afternoon tea, remembering the past, being able to smile, that’s enough.

14. People, once blinded by greed, cannot distinguish right from wrong, right from wrong.

15. Goodbye, because after that, it might be nice to see you again. There are people who were destined to never see each other again, so there is no need to say goodbye…

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16. Live as we want, be sad when we can, love when we can, hate when we can, give when we can, give when we can… Just remember that “having a heart” is enough for us and others. Any pain will be eased by love…!

Nice short status about life

If one day you feel that your current life is too boring, tired or feel that life is too boring and tasteless, don’t despair. Life is a tangled mess of pain and happiness, besides the boring emotions that you are having to go through, there are still a lot of joys and peace present in this life, it’s just that you haven’t learned how to find them yet. On the other hand, tomorrow worse things will come and it will not leave you, if you are not strong enough to overcome the trials and tribulations – you will fall! It is the negative thoughts and depression hidden in your heart that will kill you without dropping a single drop of blood!

These beautiful short stories about life will be a way to find a more open mind amidst the quagmire of boring and tasteless emotions in life. A place that can help you find something fun amidst thousands of tired and painful moods. Don’t forget to read good short statuses about life, motivational statuses to strengthen your spirit and soul!

1.Optimists always see opportunities in each difficulty.

2. Love begins with a smile, progresses with a kiss, ends with a tear or an endless embrace.

3. Please don’t be silent about what someone tells you with all their heart.

4. A good book can change the fate of so many people.

5. Just as coins and dimes make money, every little bit read makes knowledge.

6. In love, sulk is not a sign of brokenness, but only makes the pistil more fresh, the flower more beautiful.

7. Learn to respect books. Remember that books are made by people, so if you respect books, you also respect people.

8. Not all wounds will bleed. It’s not just bleeding that hurts.

9. When we grow up, there are pain that even close people in the family can’t share, let alone friends?

10. Life’s road is very wide, but we can’t all go on the same line, there must be someone going first and someone behind. Those who go before are not necessarily good people, those who are behind are not necessarily weak people, the important thing is that we can go to the destination we want.

11. As it turned out, her tough exterior was just because she wanted to hide her inner inferiority, even if there was a lot of money, it could not fill the emptiness in her heart. Everyone has scars that outsiders don’t know about, just unknowingly exposed.

Meaningful sayings about life

Life is too deep for words”  – Life is too “deep” to be described in words.

It is true to say that life is beautiful, with only suffering, only sadness, only ups and downs or happiness and suffering in certain aspects. The important thing here is that we do not try to find ways to define life anymore. Live your life to the fullest and one day you will understand.

Here are meaningful sayings about life for each of us to contemplate and feel.

1. The biggest pain in life is that children want to be filial but their parents are no longer there! The biggest tragedy in human life is that the family is not rich and the person has passed away and the most pitiable thing in life is that it is late in the afternoon when I realize what I should have done!

2. The happiness of a person’s life does not lie in fame and profit, but comes from health, a healthy body is not determined by money but determined by the movement of each person!

3. People who make excuses, based on excuses that don’t have time to exercise their body sooner or later will have to take the time to go to treatment!

4. Precious eating is where you know how to abstain, reading precious books is knowing how to choose what’s good to read, and practicing is precious in being sustainable;

5. You have 2 ways to change your life from now on: Start positive actions and stop negative actions immediately.

6. Smile, no capital investment but it can be created. Praise and compliment the beauty without using money but still creating thousands of pounds of power. Sharing costs nothing but can multiply the fun!

7. You are the most important person to yourself.

8. Happiness is when you feel satisfied with your best friend without anyone’s approval. You have to be good to yourself before you want to have good relationships with others. You have to see yourself as valuable in order to be confident in the eyes of others.

9. A career does not need to be shocked by earthquakes, it’s okay to have achievements; money doesn’t need to be superfluous, can’t be used for a lifetime, it’s enough to spend; friends don’t always have to be like pictures and shadows, remember, think about each other is okay; children do not need much or little, filial piety is okay; Life expectancy does not need to be more than a hundred, live healthy every day is okay!

10. Life is like a train moving on the tracks. You can never turn back, you can only move forward.

11. The road to success is never straight. Having to pay the price by taking wrong turns many times, you can choose the right path. You have to fail many times to reach success.

12. Time goes away and doesn’t come back, human life is too short

13. Anything can be bad, but the mood can’t be bad; anything can be lacking but confidence is not lacking; anything may not be needed, but fun is required; Anything can be forgotten, but health training must not be forgotten.

14. Treat yourself well, happiness is incomparable. Being kind to others, having fun is incomparable; If you treat life well, your health will be incomparable.

15. Four golden rules in life. Honest when poor, simple when rich, polite when in authority, silent when angry.

16. Worry is the most useless thing in the world. It’s like holding an umbrella and running around waiting for it to rain.

17. Don’t confuse my personality with my attitude. My personality is who I am, and my attitude depends on who you are.

18. Time and experience will heal the pain

You need to understand that a sad story in life no matter how painful it is, one day it will only be a very small part compared to your whole past and it is not as serious as you think it is now. .

19. Without health, intelligence, culture, capacity that is difficult to reveal to the outside and intellectuals have no chance to use.

20. Human life is not about living long or short, but about becoming enlightened sooner or later; Life is not used to correct others right or wrong, but to make a colorful life of ourselves.

21. People who are resentful do not suffer, those who resent others suffer serious injuries. Therefore, you should absolutely not hate people and then harm yourself.

22. If someone insults you and curses you, it’s not necessary to turn around to see who that person is. Think about it for a moment, if a mad dog bites you, wouldn’t you need to crouch down to the ground just to bite him back?

23. Don’t argue with fools, otherwise it will be impossible to know who the fool is.

24. Academic ability is a bronze medal, ability is a silver medal, predestined relationships, human social relationships are gold medals and thinking stands above all of the above medals.

25. Successful people do not win at the starting point but at the turning point.

26. Express your temper out, that’s called instinct. Suppressing the temper inside, that’s called bravery.

27. Money has two types: When it’s spent, it’s money, it’s property. Don’t spend it all, it’s “paper”, it’s heritage.

28. Pretty girl, handsome but I don’t know, that’s temperament. Having money and talent but others don’t know, that is cultivation.

29. Fate is a book, if you turn it over without paying attention, it will be skimmed, reading too attentively will make people cry.

30. Be grateful to the person who told you about your flaws, only the person who told you your flaws sincerely is the one who is kind to you.

31. Don’t lie because telling one lie has to make up ten other lies to make up for it. Do you need to suffer like that?

32. What is not achieved, you will always think it is beautiful, because you understand it too little, you do not have time to live with it. But then one day when you understand deeply, you will discover that it is not as beautiful as you imagined.

33. Not asking is precious, less sick is longevity, enough is rich, no desire is happiness and gratitude is joy.

34. Life without love is like a desert. When you give roses to others, your hands will automatically smell good. It is necessary to understand that “loving others is actually loving yourself”. Let love be like the afternoon sun that warms each person’s heart.

35. Happiness or joy does not come naturally

Nothing fits in the palm of your hand. Happiness will not come knocking on the door to find you, joy does not come naturally. Happiness must be strived to be achieved, joy must always be sought incessantly. Happiness and joy must be felt with the heart, whether or not you can feel it depends on yourself.

36. Revenge cannot neutralize hatred, only tolerance and forgiveness can do that. Try to make your own life peaceful.

37. A person who volunteers to pursue everything for you is not necessarily truly in love with you, because what that person pursues does not necessarily belong to you.
A person who voluntarily gives up everything for you is the person who truly loves you, because the things that person throw away are the most practical things associated with that person’s life.

38. No matter how much money you have, you will die

Don’t attach too much importance to money, even more so don’t spend too much calculation, money is just like an object outside the body, no matter how rich and rich you live, you can’t take it with you when you die. If someone needs your help, wholeheartedly helping them is also a joy, if money can buy health and happiness, why not do it? Spending money helps you understand that money can be earned and can also be spent, use it to help yourself and others.

39. Life isn’t a movie, there aren’t that many… meetings without an appointment.

40. Happiness is not having everything you want, but appreciating what you have.

41. Any insult should not become an excuse for you to fall. You cannot change the world but you can change yourself. All you need to do is choose the right path and persevere.

42. The world you can’t enter, don’t try to interfere, make it difficult for others, miss yourself, okay?

43. Who doesn’t lie, who doesn’t change easily, nobody belongs to anyone. One must consider some people, some things so important.

44. “Believing you can do something is half way there.” – Theodore Roosevelt

45. Going against the crowd means you are either extremely smart or extremely stupid.

46. ​​Pay attention to think of miscellaneous things, don’t mind, don’t even think about thinking!

47. Not listening, not asking, is not necessarily forgotten, but definitely distant. Both were quiet for too long, even taking the initiative needed courage.

48. Parents and children are not the same at all.

The love of parents for their children is limitless, while the love of children for their parents is only something finite:

– Children are sick parents take care of them wholeheartedly, sick parents ask around and consider it enough.

It is natural for children to spend their parents’ money, parents spending their children’s money is not so easy.

The parents’ house is the children’s house, and the children’s house is no longer the parents’ house.
It’s not the same, understand that because children do all that is not only an obligation but also a joy, not asking for a return, if you want the return of your children, you will only bring sadness.

49. There are times when, there is no next time, there is no chance to start over. There are times, if you miss the present, you will never have the opportunity again.

50. Use the attitude of volunteering to live a peaceful life.

51. All problems are their own problems.

52. Sometimes, it’s obvious that we have forgiven others, but we can’t be truly happy, that’s because, we forget to forgive ourselves.

53. How good they are is not important, because those things belong to them. How good they are to you is important, because those things belong to you.

54. What is not needed, no matter how good, is garbage.

55. If you’re not blind, don’t use your ears to understand me.

56. The real benefit is not how many people you know, but how many people know you when you are in trouble.

57. Those things that need no explanation, the moment you say it, you lose.

58. Say sorry to yourself, because you haven’t learned to love yourself over the years!

59. Don’t try to guess other people’s way of thinking, if you don’t judge correctly with wisdom and experience, it’s normal to make mistakes.

60. Your life is not from the moment you are born until you die.

Your life is from the moment you take your breath to the next. The present – ​​right here and now – is your life. So enjoy every moment with kindness and peace, without fear or regret.

61. When people are still in the world, they think that there is still time and many opportunities. Actually life is a subtraction, meet once, less than once.

62. What people think of you, has nothing to do with you. How you live has nothing to do with other people.

63. Face in the end how much money per pound? Why should we care what other people think?

64. In life, the most difficult period is not when no one understands you, but… you don’t understand yourself.

65. This life is so short, don’t spend… even a minute for the people, the things that make you sad.

66. Actually, people are always paradoxical, the person who loves you spoils you, you don’t want to. People who are cold, indifferent to you, you will pursue forever. In the end, the only person who gets hurt is yourself.

67. Always have a good mood

Life is always fair, knowing enough is always happy, doing good deeds, taking pleasure in helping others, nurturing your own interests, you will have a more colorful life. Use a calm mind to face everything, only then will you always be happy and healthy.

68. Actually, people who laugh a lot, always need other people’s love.

69. The measure of life is not time but dedication.

70. Courage is not not being afraid, but being afraid but still doing

71. Simplicity is the real thing

The high power and high position enjoy the benefits, but the common people make up the majority. A few are not necessarily happy, “the majority” so there is no need to be self-deprecating.

Humans are inherently not divided between high and low, just need to strive hard for their career to be considered as having contributed, moreover, when they pass middle age, isn’t it close to nature? Everyone is the same. “Actually, being a high official is not equal to a lot of money, having a lot of money is not equal to living a long life, living a long life is not equal to being happy, having fun is not equal to being happy.”

72. Don’t shirk the responsibility of solving problems, look directly at the problem and try to overcome it

Everyone knows, to do this is indeed not easy. It is difficult to face it with a calm and calm mind when facing difficulties. But really, when facing difficulties, only calmly facing it will solve the problem, and avoiding it will only waste more time and worry for yourself!

73. The rich are not those who have much, but those who give much.

74. Maturity is not when we talk about big things but when we understand the little things.

75. Success is not never having failed but knowing how to get up after every fall.

76. Great love is not loving many people, but loving one person for the rest of your life.

77. Rice should be eaten in pieces, things should be done in parts. There is no such thing as a one-time fix, but anything requires a carpeting process. Don’t spend the whole day engrossed in chasing up and down, but live very leisurely.

78. Don’t try to be someone you’re not

There is one thing that people always commit to that is always looking at others and then admiring and wishing for themselves to become the person they are. A person who is beautiful, intelligent, young, more successful than me… but the truth is that they are not me. Don’t always wish to be someone else, be yourself and try your best to be a good, honest, honest, tolerant person. Then you also become an “admirable” person in the eyes of others!

79. Any situation has two sides, sometimes it doesn’t matter right or wrong. What you think is wrong but may be seen by others as right; What you strive to achieve is most likely what other people want to let go of.

80. Sitting in a luxurious place with strangers, it would be better to stay in a cottage to enjoy tea with tri tones.

81. Distance from loved ones is a pain in the ass. A little indifference, a little tolerance will make your mind more open, more peaceful, and warmer.

82. Don’t lie to yourself

Do not deceive yourself to deceive yourself, use the correct eyes to see yourself. People who are always deceiving themselves will find it difficult to realize where their abilities and position are. To meet good opportunities, start from being honest with yourself.

83. Children and parents cannot be like “If you live, you won’t feed them, if you die, you will make a sacrifice to the flies”. Among hundreds of virtues, the word Hieu is the first, being kind to parents is also being kind to yourself.

In fact, parents do not need money or material things, just a greeting, a respectful attitude, or being with their children and grandchildren to reminisce about old memories is enough.

84. Status or fame is just like an empty vase. The foundation for cultivation and morality is the wine contained in the bottle.

Whether it’s fine wine or just plain water – it all depends on your mind.

85. When a successful career needs to cherish his own health, an unsuccessful career has to make himself even more healthy.

86. A leisurely life does not need to be rushed. Laziness is a kind of wisdom.

87. If you have wisdom, you must be able to control yourself. Otherwise, by knowing a lot, you will lose yourself. Awareness is important, but without the capacity to be decisive, it is also useless.

88. Don’t waste time on the wrong person

Life is very short, so don’t waste your precious days on the wrong person. If others need you, they will give you space. Many times, we do not need to “struggle” in suffering, but instead choose to “let go”. Remember, good friends are those who are there for you when you need them. The people that when you are in the moment of glory come to associate are not necessarily true friends.

89. Loneliness is not when we are alone but when we are in the midst of a crowd but still feel alone.

90. Don’t be too stubborn to argue

There are many people who do not realize that they also make mistakes, but always hope that they are always right. In fact, without knowing it, this is very dangerous in relationships with other people. In addition, it also brings us and others great pressure and anguish. So, the moment you want to bury your head in an argument about right and wrong, ask yourself if doing so is really good? Does it really benefit both oneself and others?

91. Life, is a series of countless books, each person has their own way of reading. Life is a question with many answers, each person has their own answer. Life, is a cup of tea, each person has their own way of enjoying. When you’re not happy, tell yourself: That all of it, is to make life more comfortable, happier, happier.

92. Don’t dwell on the past

If a person is forever immersed in the “ghost” of the past, that person will have no way to start a new life!

The most profound quotes and sayings of life

Sometimes just a good saying about life , will change the life attitude of many people. So let’s read, ponder and share good sayings so that everyone around us can receive the best. Regularly send your friends good statuses, life quotes so that friends become closer and understand each other better.

1. No matter how many mistakes you make, no matter how slow you go, you still win over those who never know the word “try”.

2. Forgiveness is the best way to balance current life. As you learn to forgive and let go of the past, you’ll realize one thing: what you need to do is move the relationship on to someone more appropriate.

3. You should never hate people who are jealous of you. Respect that envy, because those people are the ones who think you’re better than them.

4. The greatest happiness is simply the moment you are really satisfied with what you have. Although it is hard and difficult, but if we appreciate and love, happiness will definitely smile at us.

5. A happy person is not someone who lives in any favorable circumstances but a person who has a good attitude towards any situation.

6. Anything is possible except for illness, nothing is except for no money, lack of anything is minus for lack of health. Health is not everything, but without health nothing is possible!

7. There are three things to forget: Forgetting age, forgetting the past and forgetting grudges.

8. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes but dare to do nothing

In life, to achieve success, how many people have never experienced mistakes? At some point, you will realize that sometimes what makes you regret “forever” is not doing a wrong thing, but not daring to do it.

9. There are four things you need: No matter how strong or weak you are, you definitely need to have a real lover, a soulmate, a career that develops day by day, and a warm, full home. love.

10. There are 6 things you shouldn’t: You shouldn’t be hungry before you eat, you shouldn’t be thirsty to drink, you shouldn’t be sleepy to go to sleep, you shouldn’t be tired to rest, you shouldn’t be sick before you go to the doctor, you shouldn’t wait until you’re old to regret it!

11. Only parents love us unconditionally. Therefore, love your parents while you can!

12. In love, no one is at fault, but only someone who doesn’t know how to cherish a person.

13. Don’t ask why you live. But we should ask how we must live to be happy. Don’t try to practice to get rid of suffering, but practice to make yourself happier.

14. Don’t fulfill all your needs

In this life, the things that we want day and night are endless because human desires are almost endless. However, the things that really make us satisfied are sometimes very few and very simple such as smiles, giving… Cultivate your mind and body to know which needs are necessary and which needs to be let go. cancel.

15. Success is not the final destination, failure is not an abyss, it’s just a motivation for you to be more steady on the way to go.

16. The only difference between a good day and a bad day is your attitude.

17. When life puts you at a dead end, don’t ask: why me? But let’s say: try me!

18. Never give your secret to anyone, because, if you can’t keep it yourself, who else can you expect?

19. Like wildflowers, learn to survive the harshest of circumstances, even when people say you can’t.

20. When you want to find someone who can change your life, look in the mirror.

21. Don’t specialize in “harvesting” happiness from others

If you always feel unsatisfied with yourself, then from a long-term perspective, no matter who you live with, you will still feel unhappy. So, before being with others, you need to make yourself good. It is said that you have to love yourself to love the people around you!

22. There are relationships, must be clear, like is like, dislike is dislike. Ambiguity, hesitation, are not good.

23. The vast ocean would not be able to sink a ship if water did not overflow inside it. Likewise, difficulties will not bring you down unless you allow them to.

24. Life only comes around once, so do what makes you happy and be with someone who makes you smile.

25. If you expect people to be kind to you just because you’re nice to them, it’s like expecting a lion not to eat you just because you don’t eat it. Life is inherently unfair, learn to adapt.

26. If human life does not look forward nor backward, only living in the present, there will be no troubles at all, sometimes we feel too tired to live just because we think too much.

27. Good management of the mouth, should not speak ambiguously, for a moment of momentary joy that arbitrarily uttered.

“Language is the most beautiful three winters, the most merchant’s language is six moons cold” – refers to a kind saying that can warm people’s hearts for 3 winters, a hurtful sentence that makes people live in the middle of June and feel cold.
Before speaking, you need to use your head to think carefully, talk too much is not beneficial, don’t tell gossip that won’t make others hate, you will naturally turn your enemy into a friend.
Remember, to destroy a person, sometimes it takes only one sentence, but to improve a person, it takes thousands of words. That’s why we should just say the words of humanity.

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28. If we are greedy and miserly, then no matter how much money we have, the Buddha still considers us poor: poor in noble possessions, poor in spiritual properties. Although we have many external material possessions, when we lose them, they all pass into the hands of others, all become common property, only we ourselves are left in poverty of virtue, poor Dharma.

29. A mother’s love for her child is unlike anything else in the world. it knows no law or pity. it defies all and uncompromisingly destroys all that stands in its way.

30. Parents are people who can replace all others, but no one can replace parents.

31. No matter where you are, where you go, or where you live, a child’s love for his mother is a sacred and noble feeling that cannot be measured. A mother is someone who loves her child unconditionally, and there is no love that can surpass a mother’s love. Beautiful sayings about mother are sayings that express the feelings of a mother for her child. Please respect, love and take care of your mother while you still can.

32. When we officially become real fathers and mothers, we understand how immense the love our parents have for us.

33. Pessimists always see difficulty in every opportunity. Optimists always see opportunities in every difficulty

34. Don’t try to turn your tears into a calm smile. But there should be a knowing that this body, this mind is not me.

35. Don’t try to make yourself special to others. But live as “yourself”.

36. The durability of passion is directly proportional to the initial resistance of the judgmental mind. Solid bodhicitta is proportional to spiritual experience, not to book knowledge.

37. Don’t rush to try to be enlightened. Try to be useful first. Do not rush to try to attain liberation. Be yourself in the group first.

38. Those who have no predestined relationship with you, even without words, are just wasteful. Those who are predestined with you, your very existence is enough to stir up all the feelings in their hearts. A beautiful love or friendship is not achieved through competition but mutual attraction, not attachment but coincidence, not a game but mutual appreciation. So let everything be random.

39. Work smart, not exhausting

You can work up to 16 hours a day but not sure the work efficiency is as you expected. It is a warning sign that you are not using your time and effort effectively.

Of course, you need to work hard to achieve success, but if you don’t know how to organize your time and promote efficiency, what you do will just be a waste of time.

40. One’s maturity is not in age, but in understanding gain and loss, knowing how to let go, learning how to be content, and resolving conflicts. Understanding renunciation leads to the beauty of maturity.

42. An apology doesn’t always mean you’re wrong and the other person is right. It just means that you value your relationship with that person more than your ego.

43. You are not and cannot be a “know-it-all” person

A lot of things happen beyond your expectations. Some can bring good fortune and can also bring you unexpected calamities. You cannot explain why or how it happened. Everything doesn’t seem right. Accept the truth: In life there are always things that cannot be explained.

44. “Just because someone is smiling doesn’t mean they don’t have sadness. That means they have the ability to deal with that sadness.”

45. “Forgive others, not because they deserve forgiveness, but because you deserve peace.”

46. ​​The ultimate purpose of human life is not knowledge but action.

47. Time heals all wounds.

48. In life, everyone has their own suffering. “Every tree, every flower, every house, every scene.”

49. “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao Tzu

50. You are the “average” of the 5 people you spend the most time with

It sounds a bit cheesy, but it’s true. If you really want to change yourself, you need to change the people you hang out with the most. Spend time with people who support and believe in the good in you.

51. Using youth to make money, but money cannot buy back youth. Use life to make money, but money can’t buy life back. Use happiness to exchange for money, but money cannot buy happiness.

Use time to make money, but money can’t buy time. Even if you spend your life to get all the money in the world, the money in the world can’t buy your life back.

So when you should work, work, when you should rest, rest, work happily, enjoy life, cherish all that you have, love the people you love. Love, have fun and live every day to the fullest. Living a happy day is living a day. Living an unhappy day is also living a day.

52. Don’t feel lonely because you love the wrong person, and you shouldn’t feel lonely because you love the wrong person.

53. Someone who understands you is happy, if no one understands, then understand yourself.

54. The test of friendship is in difficult times, the test of love is in times of trouble.

55. Your attitude is the key to happiness

The way you see and react to everything that happens in your life has a huge impact on the fulfillment of your life. Be grateful and appreciate everything you have because there are always people out there who want to be like you.

56. Two people who love each other together will inevitably quarrel, the important thing is that when the quarrel ends, who will comfort whom. Sometimes arguing is not a man’s weakness, but being willing to comfort a girl is one of his strengths.

Because they do it because they have feelings for you, which is also their tolerance. Therefore, after an argument, a man should comfort his woman, this has nothing to do with who is right and who is wrong, but love, tolerance, and also responsibility.

57. Persistence in things that are not worth persevering will later regret. But ignoring the things that shouldn’t be missed is an instant regret.

58. People who have experienced life are young on the outside, but their souls are old with the burden of their experiences. And those who suffer spiritually. So regardless of their appearance, whether they are young or old, they are always brothers with an empty soul ready to reflect sensitively and honestly.

59. Don’t compare yourself and don’t try to be someone else

The world is very large. There will always be someone prettier than you, richer than you, more successful than you… Comparing yourself to others or pretending to be someone other than you is a game you will never win.

60. Once hurt, the scar will be deeply imprinted in the soul. Faith is virgin, it is not a scar of the soul. It is a natural instinct of the child towards the mother. Diligence can cause “scars of the soul” if done with lust.

61. Life has many things to think about, but don’t think too much, it will make us tired. Just consider it a part of the life that we have to go through, what can be ignored… forgiven should be forgiven. Live like that for ease!

62. Accept the fact that no one is perfect

This is the truth of all truths. No matter how great or amazing the person you worship, they are still human after all. And as a person, everyone has shortcomings, more or less, on one side and the other.

When you are young, you can be very confident with your health and not care about health care. That will make you regret entering middle age. Exercising and taking care of your health is something you must pay attention to in every stage of your life.

63. Don’t be too confident and take care of your health lightly

Diet, do yoga, hit the gym or follow a program specially designed for you. Each type of exercise has its own advantages and disadvantages, choose or combine in the way that works best for you.

Sad sayings about life are the most favorite

This life is always fair, does not give anything to anyone and does not accidentally take anything from anyone without compensation and payment. Don’t feel like you’ve lost everything or have it all without thinking about those around you. There will come a time when you have to cry, but for no reason at all. That’s when you realize you’ve lost so many things and can never get them back. Save these sad life quotes right away to read them when needed.

1. If others speak ill of you, judge you even though they know nothing about you. Don’t be sad, remember one thing carefully: “Dogs bark when they meet strangers”.

2. Don’t think that having a dream will make you successful. But to understand that success is much more than that, try hard.

3. People who do not want to reach the destination, even if they have a good start, it will be in vain.

4. Worrying doesn’t stop bad things from happening, it just stops good things from happening.

5. Smile and the whole world will laugh with you, but cry you just cry in loneliness.

6. Everything negative, pressure, challenge is an opportunity for me to rise.

7. In the midst of the pouring rain, the children without umbrellas could only close their eyes and move forward.

8. The most miserable person in this world is not the one without a penny, but the one without a dream.

9. Dreams are like birds, feel the morning and sing softly while it’s still dark.

10. Sometimes it’s not a person that has changed, it’s just that their mask has fallen off.

11. If you are always sad, use hope to heal. The greatest happiness of mankind is knowing hope.

12. Life is still the same if it takes something from you, it will somehow make up for you with something else, it’s just that you are willing to find it or not.

Sad poems about life

Perhaps, when you read these life status lines, you will feel a little better, I also hope that through these sad lines , you will have a different, more realistic perspective on life. , be more optimistic, so that you will receive more joy and happiness.

Because, life has so many different perspectives and aspects, the important thing is where do you want to look at it from, from what angle? Right now, we invite you to take a look and reflect on the following sad stat tus lines about life as well as the following very meaningful life quotes, wish you all have fun with good sayings about life and the best and most meaningful life lines!

Good Statuses, sad verses about life are an endless resource of experiences. If you can absorb and exploit it, you will always have faith and motivation in life.

1. Smile and the whole world will laugh with you, if you cry, you will have to cry alone.

2. A true friend is someone who walks into your life when the whole world has walked out.

3. A smile can change the way a person looks, a hug can change a word of sympathy, a word can save a person.

4. When you consider your own life to be perfect, no longer having a great purpose, it means that your life is losing a lot of meaning.

5. Everything will pass, only humanity remains.

6. While suffering, one recognizes friends.

7. Belief in yourself has the power to dispel any doubts in others.

8. Give me your twenties if you don’t use them for anything!

9. When the door to happiness closes, another opens.

10. Nothing is lost! The stars go down To rise brighter on the other shore.

11. Don’t go looking for luxury, because it only deceives you.

12. Always put yourself in his place to know that if we are in pain, then surely others will suffer as we do.

Beautiful words about life

1. Silence is the best respect for pain and memory.

2. Perhaps those who hold power in their hands, basically, no one is really a good person or a bad guy. A hero admired by thousands of people will also be the enemy of another country.

3. Bring all the emotions in life, mix with love and hate, mix with tree sap, close the lid tightly, a thousand years later, take it out, it will become amber.

4. The best way to have a great idea is to have lots of ideas.

5. Courage is overcoming fear, not being fearless.

6. A person who can fill every moment with profound content will prolong his life indefinitely.

7. It doesn’t matter if you try, and try, and try again, and still fail. But it sucks if you try and fail, and don’t want to try again.

8. A soul without imagination is like an observer without a telescope.

The best sentences about a happy life

To do a job well, it is necessary to have passion and enthusiasm in the work. It is passion and enthusiasm that will help us overcome difficulties and obstacles at work. With these beautiful quotes about happiness , you will learn a lot of things

1. Friendship is receiving more joy and sharing sadness.

2. Never lose patience, that’s the key that finally opens the door

3. The optimist thinks it’s a cake, the pessimist sees it as a round hole.

4. Love is something we can take with us when we go, and it makes the last moment easy to bear.

5. Success is not always about having a lot of money. When we surpass ourselves or when we bring happiness to others, that is also success.

6. All the treasures on earth cannot be compared with family happiness.

7. Some people donate time, some people donate money, some people donate skills and relationships, some people donate blood… And everyone has something to give.

8. Only through suffering and bitterness can one understand many things and realize the truths that if we live a peaceful and happy life we ​​cannot realize.

9. Gradually in life, each person will have to pay the full price for each of their mistakes and wrong actions, and will be rewarded appropriately for all their efforts and good deeds. mine.10. Learning only opens the door, you have to walk through that door yourself.

11. You are never defeated, until you give up yourself.

12. Every adversity, every failure and every grief contains an equal seed of benefit

13. Too hot head and too cold heart never solve anything.

14. Every day is the first day of the rest of your life.

15. A smart person is like a river, the deeper it is, the less noise it makes.

16. There is always hope for those who think calmly about life.

17. Don’t take anything too seriously. Take all odds lightly.

Beautiful sayings about life & sad life full of mood

1. The dead have gone, but the pain of those who stay will probably last forever.

2. Dying people always tell the truth. Because, they are not vain like the living, always thinking that they have time to be jealous, fake, angry, and then love again.

3. If you lose something, you will never find it. You will never find it again. However, there are still people and things in front of you, so you should actively take advantage of it and cherish it. Perhaps, life is just like that, losing, ending, starting, continuing, ending again, then disappearing… No matter what, we all want to bear our own accidents and happiness, Move forward, don’t look back.

4. Born, grown up, raised. We do everything we can to end up in the ground. Man is a plant that tries to get up from the ground, tries to sprout, tries to grow, and then quietly dies. It is a process. Of course, there are still some differences. People have memories, plants do not.

5. The disadvantage of youth is that it is easy to be emotional and vulnerable. But youth is good in that, no matter how injured, it will recover very quickly, just like after the rain there will be a rainbow.

6. There are emotions that are nails, cutting them will still not hurt or itch. As for the feelings that are teeth, after being lost forever, there will be an extremely painful and irreparable wound. Ambiguous flesh and blood.

7. The greatest thing in this world is time. Even if you swear by the sea, even if you have deep hatred, thousands of years will pass, they will fade and be forgotten.

8. When you feel the saddest, it’s better to have someone listen to you, or tell you such unimportant things than to bury endless suffering in the bottom of your heart.

9. “If you train for a hundred years, you will go with the same boat, if you practice for a thousand years, you will have a pillow”, meeting each other in the vast sea of ​​people, is definitely fate. Human life changes impermanent, things change stars in this prosperous life, when people and things are no more, it makes people sobbing. Buddha wrote, “Always smiling at life, without resentment.

Live freely, according to the mind, according to nature, everything depends on conditions. Just like that will definitely change your life, even a hundred years later, that flower will still bloom.” Not knowing how many precious things life still has that we need to care about, “Break the flowers to bloom, don’t wait for the flowers to fall, the pistil is empty, the branches are bare.” Even though we can’t wait until the other flower blooms, let’s cherish the present, cherish the person in front of us, can only cherish and not easily give up what belongs to us, so that trust and love will stay. whole life…”

10. Flower tea blooms and then fades. The moon is full and then waning. The water surface is full. Did people see it? Because I can’t see it, it doesn’t hurt. Things change like that, how many times does a person’s life go through spring.

11. Learn Lenz’s law, you know the world is elastic, learn L’Hospital’s rule, you know that humans have a limit! Therefore, I could only find my release in Newton’s mathematical movement, the freedom to let loose.

12. Life is full of unpleasant things, we can’t avoid it, the only thing we can do is change our perspective on it.

13. Each person has their own secret, buried in the deepest place, considered as a large snow area, the surface is shiny and perfect. After the snow melts, the original appearance is revealed. even, even rough.

Beautiful quotes about life and love

1. People who laugh a lot, sometimes it’s just that they hide a life filled with sadness. They always need someone else’s love.

2. Life is short, so give love to those who deserve it.

3. In the life of people is always paradoxical, who cares about you, you don’t care. People who are cold, indifferent to you, you pursue. In the end, the only person who gets hurt is yourself.

4. Never use hurtful words to hurt someone you love when you are in a bad mood.

5. A man who is willing to pursue something for you is not necessarily because of you, because of the things he tries to pursue for their own lives.

6. A man who loves you is a man who is willing to give up everything to be a part of your life.

7. Live the life you have chosen. Don’t live someone else’s life for you.

8.  There are three things to forget to live a more peaceful life :

  • Forget about age.
  • forget the past.
  • Forget all grudges.

9. What is needed to make life more meaningful : Have a career, have a soulmate, have a friend for a hundred years with true love, and finally a family home.

10.  Live more simply with these six things : You don’t have to be hungry to eat, you shouldn’t be thirsty to drink, regret at the right time, don’t get old, rest before you feel tired, get a health check before you get sick, don’t so sleepy to go to sleep.

11. Every human being was born in the world not to disappear like anonymous grains of sand. They were born to leave footprints on the ground, imprinting in the hearts of others.

12. Don’t hide love. Tell everyone around you how much you love them. Speak the most beautiful and sweetest sayings when you can. Do not hold back the words of love from the other side of the world.

13. Give others the most sincere sayings. Let that person know it’s the most precious thing you have.

Beautiful sayings about daily life

1. Always remember the saying “nothing is absolute”. Don’t be sad when you fail, the most human mistake is not to make mistakes.

2 Don’t try to make a lot of money, dream big, try to make others know you’re rich. Try to make your life more meaningful. Because you can’t take anything with you when you die.

3. When life is too complicated, make it simple. Actions are better than words.

4. Don’t make decisions when you’re emotional, whether you’re happy or sad. It will make your life in trouble.

5. In modern life: A smile helps you solve many problems, while silence keeps you away from countless problems.

6. Life is always unfair, stop complaining. Create your own value.

7. Worry will rob you of time and joy. Stop thinking when it doesn’t have a change that helps you.

8. Don’t argue with fools, otherwise you won’t know who the real fool is.

Beautiful sayings about a beautiful life

1. Expressing anger to the outside is a human instinct. Suppressing anger is a brave person.

2. The fate of a person’s life is compared to a book, read through speakers, we will not care, if attentive to read will make people cry.

3. Revenge cannot neutralize hatred. Forgiveness and forgiveness can only do that. Let our lives be peaceful.

4. The dirtiest things are not in the appearance, but in the soul of man.

5. The biggest pain in human life is that children want to be filial but their parents are no longer there!

6. A happy life is a miracle cure for people’s good health. Those who have a happy life are those who have a long life.

Beautiful sayings about married life

1. The most important thing in married life is not being tired. Whether there is love or not is only secondary.

2. With a talented man, only a sensitive, caring and sharing woman is needed. Because we all know two talented people in the same house is too much.

3. A man’s best and worst prosperity is his wife

4. Brothers quarrel all day without losing, husband and wife quarrel for a while to become strangers.

5. The happiness of husband and wife is for each other’s efforts, for each other’s trust..and for each other to change.

6. In married life. A man has the duty and responsibility to protect his wife.

7. In married life. There is nothing more noble and honorable than loyalty.

8. Try to get the wife to make her husband happy to come home. Let your husband feel sorry for leaving.

9. If the husband is angry, the wife has to withdraw. Husband and wife are angry, then they throw it.

10. As husband and wife, never let honor take the throne. That way the marriage can last forever.

Beautiful quotes about single life

1. Being single is not scary… scary is being in love and feeling alone

2. Love doesn’t come sooner or later, I just have to wait for it to come to the right person at the right time

3. It’s not necessary to have a lover to be happy

Famous English sayings

Good English sayings about love, about life for you to send to the people you love instead of gifts on special occasions such as birthdays, Valentine’s Day…

The English sayings of famous people like Bil gates, Jack ma… will help you define your goals in life, career and love. Let’s read together and feel the same.

1500++ beautiful sayings about life that change your life
1500++ beautiful sayings about life that change your life

1. “Never say all you know. And never believe all you hear.”

⇒ Never say everything you know. And never believe everything you hear.

2. “An intelligent person is like a river, the deeper the less noise.”

⇒ Smart people are like a river, the deeper the quieter.

3. “Patience is not the ability to wait , but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.”

⇒ Patience isn’t just about how long you can wait, it’s about remaining calm while you wait.

4. “We could never learn to be brave and patient, if there were only joy in the world.”

⇒ We can never learn courage and patience if this world is full of joys.

5. “When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile.”

When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile.

6. “A laugh, to be joyous, must flow from a joyous heart, for without kindness, there can be no true joy.”

⇒ A laughter becomes joyful only when it comes from a happy heart, for without kindness there can be no true joy.

7. You’ll never be brave if you don’t get hurt. You’ll never learn if you don’t make mistakes. You’ll never be successful if you don’t encounter failure

⇒ You’ll never be brave if you don’t get hurt. You will never learn anything if you don’t make mistakes. You will never succeed if you don’t fail.

8. Don’t cry over the past, it’s gone. Don’t stress about the future, it hasn’t arrived. Live in the present and make it beautiful

⇒ Don’t cry for what happened in the past. Don’t stress about things that haven’t happened in the future. Live fully in the present moment and make it beautiful

9. Enjoy the little things in life for one day you’ll look back and realize they were the big things

Enjoy the little things in life because one day you will look back and realize they were the really big things.

10. People have diffirent reasons for the way they live their life. You cannot put everyone’s reasons in the same box – Kevin Spacey

⇒ Everyone has different reasons for their own way of life. You cannot attribute all of those reasons to the same.

All your wishes can come true if you commit and work hard in every way. In real life, no fairy or godfather can help you. So instead of complaining, change your thinking and attitude to life. As long as you change your life positively, walk long enough to reach the end of the road, nothing is impossible. Hope these beautiful quotes about life and love will be your journey to success

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