Awkward INFP: Why INFPs Are So Weird

Awkward INFPs: Why INFPs Are Weird: Being called weird or awkward can certainly have a negative association with it, but for some people it can be endearing and make people feel better. become different from normal. Certain personality types can be weird, simply because they have unique traits that don’t always conform to certain social norms. Of course these traits aren’t just tied to personality types, as anyone can be seen as different or “odd” to those who don’t understand them, or even to those who do. To some, it seems like a regular occurrence, as many people find them strange, especially if they feel awkward around other people and tend to show this outwardly. consider them unusual. INFPs often don’t fit in with what people expect and have a natural desire to be themselves and be sincere. People who fake and pretend to be something that aren’t theirs, seem dishonest and exhausted by INFPs. They would rather stay true to themselves, even if this means being seen as weird or different. They usually don’t mind feeling this way when they have close friends who appreciate who they are and what makes them unique. They may not always be someone people understand or relate to on the surface, but in reality INFPs have a lot to offer and a rich inner world they want to share with that special someone. separate. immediately make them seem unusual to those who do not understand them. The way their mind sees the world can sometimes make them feel alienated and unrelated to outside expectations. INFPs have strong inner morals, it’s important that they stick to what they believe to be right, even if it goes against what people expect of them. Expectations about social norms, or the outside world, just don’t align with what INFPs want for themselves or what they believe they should do. The fact that they are uncommon personality types sometimes makes it difficult for them to easily fit in or fit in. They stand apart, often appearing different from what people consider “common” because they’re not really common at all. Being a rare personality type can cause INFPs to struggle sometimes, never really feel they fit in, and struggle to find their place. Their sense of self is a major part of INFPs and not something they can deviate from. They develop a strong awareness of what they believe in and the expectations they have for themselves. Being someone who is true to themselves and doesn’t believe in conforming to other people’s wishes can certainly make them look “weird” to some people. Even if their behavior is a little unusual or different, INFPs feel the need to be themselves no matter what. Sometimes this means dressing differently, listening to their own music, or just focusing on the causes that matter most to them. They don’t do this to stand out on purpose, INFPs just need to stay true to their hearts and follow the path they believe is right. This makes INFPs seem odd to some, but they are simply who they are. They are dreamers. They may seem like their mind is somewhere else, because they often are. They have so much going on in their heads and hearts, that sometimes it can be hard for them to pull out of it. They are caught up in their own thoughts, and may seem to be straying somewhere else. INFPs daydream and spend time imagining different things, which can make them easily distracted. They can also get caught up in ideas and theories that may seem a bit strange or far-fetched to others, as the INFP is a dreamer by nature, preferring to imagine things out of the box. They often have a lot of reasons behind these thoughts, but people can struggle to follow or understand the path the INFP has taken to get there. Being a person with such a complex inner imagination sometimes sets them apart and even makes it hard for them to relate or connect with them, as they can seem to be somewhere else. able to do this because they are caught up in their own thoughts. They have too much going on in their minds, and so they become disconnected from the world around them. They are so caught up in this rich world that it is difficult for outsiders to assimilate. INFPs can feel awkward in certain social situations, feeling as though they need to behave a certain way to fit in. They also struggle with realizing that they are different and this can make it difficult for them to know how to behave with certain people when they feel judged. INFPs seem reserved on the outside and withdrawn, as those who know them realize how exciting and vibrant they really are. When INFPs feel awkward, it may be because they don’t fully trust the people around them and aren’t sure how they should behave. This becomes a self-conscious response, rather than the INFP feeling comfortable about the situation. When they’re with loved ones, INFPs can really come out of their shells, and while they can still have some awkward times, they’re completely free to let this out. there. It all depends on who they are surrounded by, and if they feel safe feeling awkward without being judgmental or harsh.

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