Ark Compy Guide (How to Tame, Drops, Food, Location…)

Compsognathus Curiosicarius was a small and curious carnivore from the late Jurassic period. and will eventually approach whatever catches their attention, leading to the possibility of others traveling with it to attack. .Survivors can have Compy with them and even ride on them although some survivors may have some of these not only for pets but because of their ability to take down enemies by overwhelming them. .



Profile Summary

Basically just some of the things that come to mind when you spot a Compy, they’re basically a nuisance pet and in groups a dangerous threat to those without a pet. become bloodthirsty and will try to take down prey larger than themselves. Once one approaches a survivor, it will call out to its swarm, which can lead to the swarm attacking them.

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Bundle Bonus (Passive)

AKCOM-3Multiple Compy can be a deadly threat to the ones they earn as their pack rewards can go up to +8, further increasing their effectiveness as a group.


Pack the fighter

Although weaker in numbers, a group made up of many of these creatures can easily take out targets larger than them, especially humans since they can congregate and stop them. when there are turrets inside and they try to hide as a group of Compys can cause panic and even prevent them from focusing on the raid.


When on your shoulder, Compy can attack enemies in range and when on the ground it can fight alongside you although having more is better to take advantage of the Bonus Pack.

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How to Tame Compy?

It’s easy to tame a Compy as it’s very small and doesn’t have a large amount of rattle, meaning it can be easily knocked down with a stick or tranquilizer dart. and can only be tamed with Lamb, Fish, or Fish.


Other food

  • Lamb
  • Main meat
  • Main fish meat



Compy is very small and obviously cannot be ridden but can be picked up and acts as a shoulder pet.



AKCOM-4Compy can spawn and will drop a small brown egg covered with white spots after successful mating but be aware that the young will be very small when hatched and it needs to be watched or it can be lost on the go. wandering without being received.


Resources Harvested from the Cooperation Agency


The coasts often have Compy roaming but there are times when they tend to roam the jungles and forests.

  • Island
  • Center
  • Ragnarok
  • Extinction
  • Valguero

Compy’s spawn location:

Here are the maps that appear where Compy can be found:Island


While the Comply are not the most powerful creatures on the map, they can be used strategically in a variety of ways such as defending a base or destroying flames without being immediately detected. Although these creatures are cute and harmless at times, it is always wise to check to see if there are other people around them as many have misjudged these creatures as harmless but in the end still being herded.

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