anime where the main character pretends to be weak

Top Anime where the main character looks weak but is actually OpWe all love Anime series that depict stories of protagonists who have the appearance of either pretending to be weak or a mean person, but Gradually, some of them will show real strength. himself, while others train to turn into a great, mean, wonderful character. You and the enemy begin to respect. Read: anime where the main character pretends to be weak, you will absolutely love these anime TV shows, so just bring a notebook and list the best titles to watch as soon as possible. Countdown begins:

10. Black Cat


We start the list of the best Anime where the Protagonist looks weak with Black Cat. The story follows MC Train Heartnet, a notoriously emotionless powerful assassin who has no regard for human life. He works as an elite killer for a secret organization called Chronos. During one of his missions for this organization, he meets a girl named Minatsuki. Influenced by Saya’s positive outlook on life and his decision to live an honest life, Chronos, however, is unimpressed by Train’s sudden change of heart and vows to take harsh measures to bring about the mission. fake luck.

9. Muv Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse

Anime where the main character looks weakSince 1973, an alien invasion called BETA has brought humanity to the brink of extinction.Read more: where are they now | Top Q&AT To survive, man created TSF (Tactical Surface Fighter), combat mechanics. After 25 years, Yui Takamura is a high school student studying to become a TSF pilot. One day, his town is invaded by BETA. As her unit tried to repel the wave of enemies, these inexperienced young women fell one by one. 3 years later, Yui, the lone survivor of her unit and determined to get revenge, joins a new military base. takes place in Alaska, based on Test Number 18, where each country sends their elite robotics engineers and mechanical pilots to work together on the new Senjutsuki (robots). of Japan and Yuya Bridges, a pilot serving in the US Army.Read more: Clint Eastwood’s 20 Greatest Movies of All Time

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8. Tales of the Abyss

Anime where the main character looks weakThe story begins when a naive and selfish young nobleman named Luke Fon Fabre sees his fencing master, Van, being attacked by a mysterious young woman. his hometown, and decided to return home.

7. My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU

Read more: Where to watch away from season 7Anime where the main character looks weakIn this Anime, the main character Hachiman looks weak, has the most pessimistic view of life. To change him, his guidance counselor urges him to join the “Volunteer Club” that helps high school students solve their problems and achieve their dreams. he has to team up with Yukino, a student, amazing as he is sarcastic and unfriendly, who won’t give him any respite.

6. Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu

Tales of the Abyss scaled downThe universe is split in two in the very distant future: one is the Galactic Empire trying to impose tyranny and the other is the League of Free Planets, trying to establish democracy. Everything changed when the young Empire soldier, Reinhard von Lohengramm came to power. His strongest enemy on the side of the Free Planets Alliance is Yang Wen-Li.Continue reading by clicking the next buttonRead more: Where is Kathy lee brynner now

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