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In the past 2 decades of her life, Nia Peeples has been associated with controversies that have made many people uncomfortable. She has been covered with good news, rumors and criticism. For a woman who has been through several marriages that end in divorce, this is to be expected. Aside from those reports, she’s had an amazing career in the film industry. She is also considered a successful singer.Some people know Nia as the woman who presented The Sprit Horse to Paul Feig for Best Picture in 2003 at one of the San Diego Film Festivals. Nia Peeples’s hot photos that day drew a lot of attention to her. She has also been nominated as best actress in a daytime drama.

Summary of Peeples . profile


  • First and last name: Virenia Gwendolyn Peeples
  • Nickname: Nia Peeples
  • Date of birth: December 10, 1961
  • Place of birth: Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Residence: Topanga, California
  • Age: 58 years old
  • Zodiac sign: Saggitarius
  • Job: Singer and actor
  • Famous as: Pam field of beautiful liars
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnic: White
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Net value: 3 million dollars
  • Eye color: Light brown
  • Hair color: Dark brown
  • Height: 5 feet and 1 inch
  • Weight: 55 kg
  • Parents: Robert (father) and Elizabeth Peeples (mother)
  • Kids: Sienna and Christopher

Basic information about Nia

Actress in the film The Beautiful Liar was born on December 10, 1961 in California, USA. She shares German, Spanish, French and Filipino ancestry. Her father is an artist while her mother is a flamenco dancer. The seasoned singer is best known for her role in Pretty Little Liars as Pam Fields. The TV series was a breakthrough for the actress. Most people knowledgeable about Hollywood happenings are familiar with her name. She has been actively involved in the film industry since 1981. Among other films in which she has acted, The Young and the Restless is one of the most loved. She played Karen Taylor in the hit TV series, Actress Nia Peeples has also made waves as a singer. In the past, she has been involved in some dance music and R&B. Nia has a great passion for empowering students and women in general. Outside of her career, she enjoys reading geometry and quantum physics. She has the book The Little Apple Tree. Currently, she is working on her second book.

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How old is Nia Peeples now?

Nia Peeples’ age surprised many people when it came to her appearance. The American singer is currently 58 years old. She was born on December 10, 1961, which means in December 2020, she will celebrate her 59th birthday.

Is Nia Peeples married?

Sadly, the American actress has had several failed marriages. Her first marriage was to famous vocalist, Howard Hewett. Their partnership lasted from 1988 to 1993 before they split. A year after Nia Peeples’ young marriage ended, she married Guy Ecker. Unfortunately, her marriage to Guy fell apart in 1986. That year, Carlo Imperato became engaged to her, but their relationship did not last beyond 1987. After a long separation, she married married Lauro Chartrand in 1997. They lived together for seven years before temporarily calling for separation. It was in 2004 that she married Sam George. This is her longest marriage. However, the union ended in 2015 through a divorce. Currently she is not married.

Who is the father of the children Nia Peeples?

All of Nia Peeples’ children came from her union with different men. She had a daughter with Lauro. Her name is Sienna Noel. Christopher was her son, and she bore him to Howard Hewett, while Jon Michael was from her marriage to Guy Ecker.

What belt does Nia Peeples have in martial arts?

The singer has a 4th level black belt in Oki Ryu Kempo and Wushu. Nia Peeples received martial arts training under the direction of Bruce Fontaine.

How much is Nia Peeples worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Nia Peeples’ net worth is $3 million. She has made a fortune from her career as a singer and actress. For more than three decades, she has been in the entertainment industry. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with having a net worth of such amount. Nia has also participated in many TV shows. This has contributed greatly to her income.

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Movies and TV shows

Since first appearing on the screen in 1981, the professional actress has appeared in many films. She starred in many films while playing supporting or supporting roles in a few. Here’s a list of some of Nia Peeples’ movies and TV shows, starting with her latest.

  • Ulysses Coyote (2020)
  • Miracle Underground (2020)
  • The Untold Story (2019)
  • Purgatory by Dante (2019)
  • Myths (2018)
  • Dante’s Inferno (2018)
  • Lavalantula (2015)
  • Werewolves: The Beast Among Us (2012)
  • 23 minutes before sunrise (2012)
  • Battle of Los Angeles (2011)
  • Firedog Haley (voice) (2010)
  • Outside (2009)
  • Citizen Jane (2009)
  • Alpha Mom (2006)
  • Special Unit (2006)
  • Connors’ War (2006)
  • Inside Out ((2005)
  • Sub Zero (2005)
  • The Coven (2004)
  • The Chang Family Saves the World (2002)
  • Half Past Dead (2002)
  • Michelle is bruised (2001)
  • The Riff (2001)
  • Alone with a Stranger (2000)
  • Blues Brothers (1998)
  • Weird Jobs (1997)
  • Tower of Terror (1997)
  • Station (1996)
  • Inappropriate Behavior (1995)
  • My Name Is Kate (1994)
  • I Don’t Buy Anymore Kiss (1992)
  • Perry Mason: The Case of the Silent Singer (1990)
  • DeepStar Six (1989)
  • North Shore (1987)
  • A Single Light (1981)

Nia Peeples was an actress known to many children in the 1980s. She is admired for her ability to combine a professional acting career with singing. She is special in both. Despite many difficulties in her marriage, the talented actress still maintains a firm foothold in the entertainment industry. Currently, she is having a good time as an author.

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