Acts 17 – Who was Jason?

After Paul spent time in Thessalonica, which included three Sabbaths teaching in the local synagogue, the Jews caused trouble, formed a mob, and ran to the house. of Jason to bring Paul and Silas before the city officials. When Paul and Silas could not be found, they dragged Jason before the officials and charged them against Paul, pointing out that “Jason welcomed them.” Jason posted the bond and was released (Acts 17:5-8).Jason suddenly appears in the story in Acts 17 as Paul’s presenter in Thessalonica. Jason is a common Greek name and it is possible that some Jews used it as an equivalent of Joshua. One of the rival high priests before the Maccabean Uprising was named Jason. This is often interpreted as an example of Hellenization, where instead of using the Hebrew name Joshua, he used a Greek equivalent Jason. It is impossible to tell if Jason in Acts 17 is Greek or Jewish simply from his name. But this may not be the case. In Acts 18:3 Paul stayed and worked with Aquila and Priscilla. As tent makers, they may have rented a workshop and lived in rooms attached to the workshop. Jason’s situation could have been better in Thessalonica; If he was a craftsman with several shops, he might have hosted many people in his home. For an illustration of the home range for early Christians, see Peter Oakes, Reading Romans in Pompeii (Fortress 2009). ). In the view quoted by AN SherwinWhite, “What is happening to Jason is clear enough: he is ensuring security for the good behavior of his guests, and is therefore hastily sending Paul and Silas to Beroea, where authority of the invalid Thessalonian judges” (Roman Society and Roman Law in the New Testament (Oxford, 1963]63). Although we do not know the amount claimed. demand, but the fact that he can make any form of payment is an indication of him. I also suggest that Luke may be drawing a parallel between Lydia of Philippi and Jason of Thessalonica Both responded to the gospel and organized Paul’s ministry groups in their homes.Luke often uses similar pairs of stories, one verse The story is about one woman and the other having a man.For example, in Acts 9:32-43, Peter heals Aeneas and raises Tabitha from the dead, leaving the city.Is Jason the man Paul refers to in Romans 16:21? He mentioned a Jason with Sopater “my relative.” The noun συγγενής can refer to a relative, but it can be broadly understood as saying “comradely Jew” (Keener, 3:2550). It is likely that the Letter to Romans was written from Corinth during Paul’s three-month stay in Corinth in Acts 20:2-3. In 20:4, Luke says that Paul was accompanied by Sopater in Berea and Aristarchus and Secundus from Thessalonica. While this is possible, since Luke readily identified a relative of Paul in Acts 23:16, it is more likely that this Jason was not Paul’s relative. He may have been a Jew or a God-fearing Gentleman who heard Paul preach in the synagogue and was among those who joined Paul and Silas (17:4). that probably haunted Paul. One of the main themes of 1 Thessalonians dealing with the accusation that Paul was a gypsy who had come to Thessalonica for personal gain and put Jason in danger. financial and legal risks.

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