Aaron Paul and Lauren Parsekian Have Reportedly Never Fought, Ever

Aaron Paul is one of the most beloved actors in Hollywood and a great guy. Turns out he also has a wonderful girl around, his wife Lauren Parsekian. The beautiful blonde has accompanied him to countless award ceremonies and appeared in many acceptance speeches as an inspiration to him. His social network is filled with love for her and makes many people want to know more and more about her. However, she is a documentary filmmaker, with a special place in her heart in the fight against bullying around the world. In fact, she made it her life’s mission. Here’s what we found.She met Aaron Paul at CoachellaAaron Paul and Parsekian met at Coachella and bonded because of their shared love of music. “And then a year later, we fell in love at Coachella. We ran together at Coachella. You know, the first kiss on the Ferris wheel. “Paul and Parsekian are famous online for having the kind of Hollywood romance that you don’t normally see.She never fought with Aaron Paullauren2“My wife and I don’t argue,” Paul said. “We communicate. We talk. But we never fought in our entire relationship.” “He knew I was a hopeless romantic,” says Paul. Bryan Cranston gave him relationship advice on Breaking Bad.“He always said,“Don’t settle.” In Parsekian’s judgment, it’s clear he listened to his mentor’s advice The couple have taken social media by storm and have nothing but praise for each other. her speech when he won an Emmy for Breaking Bad, and when the camera cuts through her, it sets off a worldwide search storm to learn more about her.She is the anti-bullying champion with Operation KINDThe most relatable thing about Pasekian is her work with Operation KIND, and the organization’s aim to end women’s “crime,” focusing on how young girls bully each other. Pasekian faced bullying growing up. , and has now dedicated her life to ending bullying among young girls. “I can still vividly recall each of the torture experiences they went through during their 7th and 8th grade years. I think the most important part of my story is how those experiences influenced them. came to me as a young girl,” she said on the campaign’s website. “I became scared when I went to school, my grades started to drop, I got scared to answer the phone, and finding shelter on campus became a daily routine. I know firsthand the pain of being called out, threatened, and feeling like you’re alone. In 2011, she released the documentary “Finding Kindness”, where she traveled the country talking to girls about bullying and explaining the problems associated with it. She directed and starred in the production.She studied Film at Pepperdinelauren3The origins of the KIND campaign began at school in Pepperdine, where she studied film with her eventual business partner, Molly Stroud. That’s what led to her eventually producing a documentary based on her own life’s past of being bullied.She is not an actress or a modelThis may sound strange, but with Lauren Parsekian’s stunning beauty, many people assume that she is an actress or model but she is not. Her career began in filmmaking, and remains there. Although she has appeared on camera in her documentary, she has no film or TV show to her name, other than appearing on numerous red carpet award shows alongside Paul.[Photos via Getty Images]

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