a hat in time who is the murderer

Stage 2: Murder on the Owl Express

Fake Detective: Overcome the Owl Express Murders without finding any clues (you suck)!Trophy topqa.infoAHAIT A topqa.infoTrue Detective: Find all the murders on the express clues!Trophy topqa.infoNOTE: Following our guide will help you achieve the True Detective achievement. You can complete this action twice if you want both achievements and still follow our instructions. Simply ignore the clue and move on! This action takes place on a moving train and asks you to solve a murder. Move through all the rooms until you reach the cafeteria, pick up the Ribbon here. Read: Hats off in time who is the killer662px-AHAIT_Ac2Yarn.pngGo through the door on the second floor and get the key right in front of you, then go back to the previous room and open the door. In this room, pick up a gift box from the floor and you’ll get a Crime Solver Costume. Then answer the phone and the Hat Kid will be threatened by someone. Go back to the first car and you’ll find a corpse. The crows will approach and reveal themselves as “Crow Agent Watch”. Read more: who is christie brinkley’s plastic surgeon | The top Q&AA’s supposed timer will start, but there’s no real timer, so don’t worry. Time will pass as you move through the different wagons. You have to get out of the wagon while staying out of sight of the crows. Move on to the next wagon, avoid the crows, and enter through the door that was previously blocked by one of the crows. Here you will find a file that says “Confidential”. This is one of the 6 clues you need to find.662px-AHAIT_ConfidentialFile.pngGo to the second floor and use your hat to know which door to go through. A few minutes will pass after going through the door, but instead of going there, follow the other door, we need to find the key to the next door there. Avoid the crows, get the key and now go through the door in the previous room. Select Brewing Yarn here.662px-AHAIT_Act2BrewingYarn.pngThe next clue is at the end of the room. Before we leave, pick up Brewing Yarn on the second floor and activate the switch for a shortcut when we find the next key. Back to the cafe and then to the VIP room Read more: who is the best dota 2 player | Top Q&A quick up clues on the table, Keys on top and Ribbons. To get to Ice Yarn, you need to get on TV, climb walls, double jump, and slide in mid-air. Go back and find the door that says “Raven Suite” and use your Brewing Hat to open it. Pick up the Relic inside. Return to the luggage room and open the previously locked door. Activate the switch. This will lower the wall and the crow watching the front door. Go to the ‘Machine Room’, answer the phone and the voice will tell you that your “pet” is in danger of falling on the woodcutter. Go to the top of the room and pull the lever. Go back, interact with… well-off pets, and you’ll get the 4th clue. Go back and now to the next room. Avoid the crows here. Talking birds will be alert when one of the crows is telling a joke, but vision will disappear when they are laughing. Some parts will become bidirectional and in the end that’s a key you need. Using your Ice Hat on the platform will send you back to the other side and back again. Use the key to open the ‘Waiting Room’. Use your hat and it will point you in the direction of the 5th clue. Use your Hat again and go through this door to activate the elevator on the main room. Head back to the Lounge and go through the last door here to get the last key you need. Go back to the main room and use your key to open the last door.662px-AHAIT_Act2_KeepOutDoor.pngEnter the room, pick up the last clue that makes the Hat Kid a suspect. Exit the room and the clock strikes midnight. Agent Crow will reveal that they don’t know who the killer is and you’ll be prompted to choose the killer. You actually choose who the killer is, so whoever you choose will be the killer and create different dialogues. Whatever you decide, grab the Time Piece afterwards and the action will be over. Read more: who is above all | Top Q&A

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