A Closer Look: Takamine Japanese Pro Series

A Closer Look: Takamine Japanese Pro Series Published on February 20, 2019 Takamine is one of the most loved acoustic guitar brands on the planet. From their beginnings beneath a mountain in Japan to their worldwide exposure through big-name players like Bruce Springsteen, choosing them above all other brands, Takamine is a brand name. shaped the guitar profession of the Far East and became an institution. ? Indeed, Mt Takamine itself, in central Japan. Takamine started here (in the town of Sakashita to be exact) as a family run industry since 1959. The company has grown during the sixties and is known as a brand name. pioneering, innovative brand responsible for revolutionizing acoustic electric guitars with saddled pickups in the late 70’s. Takamine was also the first to use a practical vacuum tube in a mounted preamplifier. on their Cool Tube acoustic guitar. From low-cost, high-value G Series instruments, to special edition models made in their Japanese facility, Takamine has a guitar for every player. These Japanese models, called the Pro Series, are revered as some of the coolest acoustic guitars available anywhere, and those are the ones we wanted to review today!Takamine TK guitars are class-leading instruments, designed and engineered in Japan to consistent standards. Selected tonal woods, hand-shaped necks, all-around solid construction, and plenty of fine detailing are what make up a Takamine Pro Series guitar. The range is very wide, with instruments for rhythm players, guitarists and all kinds of other acoustic players. These are all premium Takamine TK models, with professional specs: Made in Japan and unbelievably good! Let’s take a quick look at one or two of these… TK-P7 First, we’ll draw your attention to this delicate and adorable dreadnought. Made of Selected Spruce and Rosewood, this is a traditional connoisseur’s guitar. Spruce and Rosewood together create one of the most revered acoustic guitar tone profiles: bright, responsive, and detailed with power and solid bass. The ebony keyboard is a great addition, bringing beauty and feel to the playing surface. An elegant bit of detail in the form of abalone asterisks and maple wire draws everything together with subtle flavours. This is truly an exquisite guitar building.takap7d 1Under the hood is Takamine’s aforementioned and game-changing Cool Tubes preamp system for plugged-in audio that’s virtually unmatched in the entire industry. This guitar is the very definition of ‘quality acoustic guitar’. The TK EF450 TT-BSB is a guitar with a larger body that resembles a jumbo and exudes many of the charms that Takamine is noted for. It’s a beautiful tool with decorative mosaic work and a wonderfully applied sun finish.takaef450 2Notably, this guitar has a flattened head. A what? Yes, also known as ‘heat treatment’, fusing is a process by which wood is subjected to extremely high temperatures in an oxygen-free environment. What this does is change the molecular composition of the wood itself (we’re not kidding) permanently. The benefit to the player is sound that is loud, clear and clear, richer and more detailed than ever before. Built-in guitars sound a lot like those over a century old! It’s pretty amazing and of course makes a huge difference in how this guitar not only sounds but also reacts. Lenient. To be fair, ‘special’ is a bit of an understatement here, these are just two of the select models we have available at the moment. We invite you to take a much closer look, whether it’s on our website or in person at one of our guitar stores. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed! These Takamine Pro Series guitars are offered in limited quantities of each model, and when they’re gone, they’re still good and truly gone! Don’t miss these deals!

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