9 Common Things That Are 7 Inches Long

What is a 7 inch video In this article, I will introduce you to some common items that are about 7 inches in length. Then determining the length of something can be very difficult. One way to find out the length of an item is to compare it with another item of similar size. I made a list of items that are 7 inches long.Do you know? 7 inches is equivalent to 17.78 cm or 177.8 mm.

1. iPad mini


Apple ipad mini is a popular tablet computer that was first introduced in 2012. As the name suggests, this tablet is small in size with a super small 7.9 inch screen.The standard iPad has a standard screen size of 9.7 inches.In 2019, Apple introduced the 5th generation of the ipad mini after just 7 years, so if you are looking to compare something about 7 inches long the ipad mini is a great suggestion.

2. 2 credit cards

I mentioned in the article, common things 14 inches in length, that credit cards are one of the most convenient items to use for measuring. The standard credit card that most people will keep in their wallet, is 3.375 inches long and 2.125 inches long. wide.If you put 2 credit cards together lengthwise, they would be almost 7 inches long.

3. Scissors

Read more: What fleas look like to the human eye A commonly used item in the kitchen or office is a pair of scissors. and larger ones can be over 8 inches long.It is common to use a pair of scissors that are 7 inches in length.

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4. Pencil

The common size 2 wooden pencils that you often see in schools and offices are about 7 inches long.Of course, this is measured when new and before sharpening. Pencils are used for writing, drawing and coloring. They are made of wood and have an attached graphite lead that runs down the center of the pencil.

5. 4 Golf Balls

If you play golf or are a golf fanatic, you already know about the size of a golf ball. The standard golf ball size is 1.68 inches in diameter. The diameter of a golf ball is the length of a straight line that passes through the center of the ball and touches the sides.If you could picture 4 golf balls placed close together in a straight line, they would be roughly 7 inches long.8.5 x 11 2021 06 11T203518,680

6. 5 toothpicks

Toothpicks are very thin pieces of wood, plastic, or metal with sharp ends used to hold small pieces of food together or clean teeth after meals. to use the standard size 5 cm or 1.96 inch long.5 toothpicks are 25 cm long, almost 7 cm long. Placing 5 toothpicks in a row will be of equal length only about 7 inches.

7. 2 colored pencils

Colored pencils are a stick of pigmented wax used by many people to draw and color. Crayons are very popular with children to color in books at home and at school. A standard wax pencil is 3.5 inches long.So putting 2 crayons together will be exactly 7 inches long.

8. Butter knife

The butter knife is also known as the butter knife and is usually kept as part of the dish set you would normally find in most households. Butter knives are typically smaller than dinner knives and can be 5 to 7 inches long.So if you have a butter knife and are looking to use it to compare lengths, it will most likely be close to 7 inches long.8.5 x 11 2021 06 11T203819,584

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9. 10 Time

The coin is a 10-cent coin used in the United States, worth one-tenth of a dollar. The coin was first established in 1792 and is currently the smallest coin in diameter and thickness. 1.35mm thick.If you have 10 dimes in your pocket, you not only have $1, but they will be about 7 inches long if placed together vertically in a row. You can read standard sizes of everyday items here. Read more: What is the 2nd of October zodiac sign

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