7 Of The Greatest Improvised Moments In Movie History

Life doesn’t always go according to plan and neither does movies, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Sometimes the best moments come from quick thinking, so to celebrate Virgin Media’s super-fast 360Mb broadband, we decided to put together a list of our favorite impromptu scenes. me in film history.

The Shining – Johnny here

Jack Nicholson’s character in The Shining is falling into the depths of madness. Nicholson helped complete that clip with this impromptu line. It was done scary in this scene.

Zoolander – ‘Why a male model’

Derek Zoolander is an idiot. Ben Stiller clearly isn’t. Duchovny returned with a complicated lengthy explanation that would put the matter to sleep, but Stiller forgot his next line. Instead of just confirming, he hilariously explained the same question ‘but why male models?’ Not only is this amusing, but it also makes Zoolander one of the biggest idiots to ever appear in the movie.butwhymale

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Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark – A knife fight

This scene was supposed to see Harrison Ford perform a protracted sword fight, however Ford had been hit with food poisoning the night before so he didn’t have the strength to continue. infamous moments throughout the entire franchise.sss

Taxi driver – You are talking to me

The most famous line of Robert DeNiro’s entire career is improvisation. The original script only asked DeNiro to talk to himself, the rest came directly from the actor’s feelings for the character. Extremely impressive.you're telling me

The Usual Suspects – Lineup

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Star Wars – Empire Strikes Back – I Know

When Princess Leia said ‘I love you’, Han Solo was supposed to reciprocate the affection but Harrison Ford felt the line was not suitable for his character so casually said ‘I know.’ Star Wars fans absolutely love it, but we think it’s a small move.I love you

The Dark Knight – Joker’s Clap

Heath Ledger has become this character, so it’s no surprise that he can handle the threat so well in this scene.clap

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