4 Ways to Get Chemfuel in Rimworld

Chemfuel is one of the resources that players can obtain for their colony in Rimworld. In a game with a large amount of materials and items to play with, it can all be a bit confusing. This guide will show you the ways how you can get chemical fuel and it can be used in Rimworld.

How to get Chemfuel in Rimworld


There are 4 ways you can get Chemfuel in Rimworld: Read: Rimworld how to make chemfuel

  • By milking Boomalopes mature when they have been tamed.
  • By processing organic matter and wood at a Biorefinery that was once built.
  • Get chemical fuel from infinite chemical reactor
  • Trade with other colonies
  • Obviously the easiest of these options is to just trade for the chemical fuel. Remember that not every form of Payment or trader stocked with chemical fuels. You usually only find them at larger town settlements. I will go into detail about all the methods above.In-game description for chemicals in Rimworld

    Use Boomalopes to get chemicals

    Rimworld’s only natural chemical fuel source comes from Boomalopes. Once you’ve tamed boomalopes, they can be a great source of chemical fuel. If you choose one of your tamed boomers, you’ll find that they have a Full Milk level. Over time, the boomalope will accumulate this ‘milk’. When this level reaches 100%, one of your colonists assigned to the Handle skill will come and milk the animal. Chemfuel will be obtained through this boomalope milking. Read more: How to charge disposable vape with usb Smaller ones will never be able to be milked. Boomalopes are a great farm animal because they can also breed and create another source of chemical fuel. Remember when there are boomalopes in your herd that there’s a reason they ‘boom’ when it comes to naming. When boomalopes die…well, you get the picture.

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    Get chemicals from biofuel refinery

    Another way you can obtain chemical fuels is to process organic matter and wood at a biofuel refinery. Here, your colonists will take in a certain material and refine it into chemical fuel. To build a biofuel refinery in your colony, you will have to research the technology first. To do this, open the research menu at the bottom of the screen. Find the research assignment titled Refining Biofuels. Now let’s build a biofuel refinery which can be found under the Production heading. Once the refinery is built, you can generate invoices here to produce chemical fuels from any item you want. Select the refinery and select the option to add an invoice. Here you have two choices; Make chemical fuels from wood or from organic matter. Creatures can be anything from raw meat and meat to plants. This can be further refined by clicking the details button on the invoice. Your colonists will come and refine these objects into chemical fuel whenever the mission is prioritized.

    Get chemicals from an infinite chemical reactor

    This is a weird game but deserves a spot on the list as it is probably the best way to get chemicals in the game. The Infinite Chemical Reactor is a rare item. This item can only be obtained as a quest reward from one of the spawnable world quests. This would be a rare item quest, or it could come as a reward from trading or doing something for the other faction. Infinite chemical reactors simply draw electricity and pump out regular chemical fuel. You won’t need to input any materials into the infinite chemical reactor to keep it burning.

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    Trade for chemicals

    Read more: how long does it take to dig a grave | Top Q&AA with most items, chemical fuels can be obtained through trading. Occasionally you will have caravans arrive at the colony. (That is unless every faction on the map declares you an enemy). They may carry a small amount of chemical fuel that you can buy with silver. You can also exchange unwanted items for chemical fuels. This is quite simple.Trade in Rimworld for chemical fuelFortunately, this passing trader has a small supply of chemicals for sale. Keep in mind that most of the smaller tribes probably won’t have any chemical fuels for sale. You will have to go to larger settlements for chemical fuels. The Empire faction from the Royal DLC will almost always have a good supply of chemical fuels that can be traded. Trading is definitely the easiest way for you to earn chemicals. When you get far enough in the game, you’ll also unlock the Comms console. Using the comms console and orbital trading signals, you can trade with passing trade ships. These can sometimes provide large amounts of chemical fuel. Those are 4 different ways to get chemical fuel in Rimworld. Any suggestions on what to write next? Leave a comment below. Read more: How to open a test element on discord


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