13 Reasons Why season 4, episode 4 recap – we’ll get through this Spooked.

Video 13 Reasons Why Episode 4 Was Summarized This recap of the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why season 4, episode 4, “Premium Camping Trip” contains substantial revelations. , “Camping trip for seniors” open? Episode 4 begins again at church with Charlie giving a speech about “getting over this”. Meanwhile, Sheriff Diaz is watching footage of Clay falling for the joke, believing there is a connection to Monty. The school board votes on whether Clay and Diego can go camping for seniors. The vote was in their favor but Jessica didn’t think Clay should join the trip. Clay feels overthrown by everyone at school after being suspended for two weeks; Ani tells Clay that Alex is spending a lot of time with Winston. Therapist Ellman asks Clay how he reacts to his anxiety and if he’s trying to stop running from it. 13 Reasons Why season 4, episode 4, “Premium camping trip” shows Clay trying to deal with his anxiety. Camping trip for the elderly. The email came from Clay’s account but he denied it was him and said he was definitely hacked. Justin suggested not to join the trip. Things take a turn for the worse when Clay’s mother reveals that she’s also going camping. He then confronts Alex about dating Winston and says that Winston had sex with Monty. Clay tells Alex that he’s not safe around Winston. 13 Reasons Why season 4, episode 4, “Elderly camping trip” shows Clay trying to get the situation under control. Alex tells Winston that they can’t see each other anymore. Meanwhile, Tony asks Tyler why he was with Officer Standall at the dance. Tyler said he needed to talk to someone so he called him. This is not a believable Tyler story. Diego responded first, saying that he trusted Monty the most and that he knew his sons had his back – “I miss him.” It’s clear in this scene that the footballers are trying to regain control of the story. Clay and Justin argue over email and as Clay walks away, Justin suddenly disappears. Alex is paired with Jessica and she tells him that she’s stalking Diego. Clay walks around the woods looking for Justin, shouting his name. Suddenly, Clay is caught by someone. Justin is looking for Clay and he keeps hearing screams. The football players threw Clay into a hole. He sees a conversation between himself and Monty, where Monty talks about why he did what he did to Tyler; Rage and anger enveloped him. Monty tells Clay who killed him in prison. Clay begs for forgiveness. Clay is dreaming; The end enjoys exploring these intense dreams for a reason. Zach helps him out of the lake. Alex tells Zach that “sh*t is so awesome”. 13 Reasons Why season 4, episode 4, “Elderly camping trip” confirms Alex is also battling the devil.Pretend to be my friend Read more: Why do rabbits eat their babies, yler tells Winston he never told him that he was friends with Monty and that he was taking advantage of him. Winston admits that he knows Monty “a little” and that he doesn’t say he knows Monty because of what he did to Tyler. This is not a completely convincing statement by Winston. Diego tells Justin that they were planning some prank but something is happening in the woods that this is not a football team joke. As Jessica walked through the woods, she saw Bryce. The bugs started crawling all over the face. Justin, Jessica and Diego are trapped in a cabin with other people and strange things keep happening. Zach finds them and wants to talk. Clay at the bottom of the pit and saw signs on the wall. He sees a rope that will help him out. Zach reveals to Tony, Jessica, Justin and Charlie that Winston is Monty’s alibi and Winston knows that Monty didn’t kill Bryce. Standall shows up and takes them back to camp. 13 Reasons Why season 4, episode 4, How did “The senior camping trip” end? Clay goes back to the camp and starts accusing everyone of throwing him in the pit. By the campfire, Clay’s mother asks everyone “how has this weekend changed for them and what memories will they make”. She asks Clay to talk – Clay says his friends will be friends for life, a bond that can never be broken. Alex then speaks up and says he hates camping and everyone laughs. And then there’s the big moment; Winston asks Alex which of his friends killed Bryce. Volume 4 is possibly the most ink-intensive chapter the series has ever produced, and not for good reasons. This whole, small, haunted forest scenario is completely unnecessary.

  • Ani questions Jessica’s dating Diego and warns her of Diego’s suspicions regarding Monty.
  • Ani’s mother is sick and in the hospital, so she asks Jessica to take care of Diego and Clay during their camping trip.
  • Alex tells Zach that he thinks he has found happiness. Zach tells Alex that letting yourself be free will make you happy.
  • Charlie tells Alex he’s a good guy.
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