12 Things That Can Make Even Guys Moan In Bed!

Yes, our boys can be pretty quiet in bed sometimes. But when it comes to the question of whether guys whine, we answer in the affirmative. There are some things that even we can’t resist stating our joy about… Silence is not an option! Guys whining while acting is one thing, and here’s how you can achieve it.

How to make him moan with simple actions


It’s really not that hard to get a guy to whine in the act, all you need to do is follow these simple actions and it’s done!

1. Get Gone Down!

Ladies and gentlemen, we cannot praise your skills enough in this area, nor can we thank you enough! When you do that to us, all we can do is lie back and make sounds of helpless euphoria. So do men groan? Yes, yes and yes!

2. An obscene talk…

When we’ve been mean and dirty, and you let us know how you’re feeling or what else you want to do – that’s for the best! Trust us, it’s one of the best answers when it comes to how to make a guy whine!

3. Girl On Top!

Think about it. It’s the most beautiful view in the world as we look up and can see your expression – and your amazing breasts are within reach! A guy is whining so it’s pretty natural at this point!

4. And The Guy In The Back…

We guys tend to love your ass as much as we love your boobs. Plus, approaching you from behind is a whole other level of sexy! So you know what to do next when you’re wondering how to make a guy whine!4 ways to make a guy whine

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5. That element of surprise…

When you do something completely unexpected and make our excitement level as simple as rocketing through the sky… everyone groan without thinking!

6. Being Nibbled (Not Just There)

Yes, we’ve raved about oral sex already, but your mouth, teeth, and tongue on our other parts are pretty awesome, too. Some of us have sensitive ears, some of us like to pay attention to our neck or nipples – you’ll see the picture. So the next time you’re wondering how to make a man groan, just sip a little6 ways to make a guy whine

7. You touch yourself!

There’s just something incredibly erotic about a girl taking selfies to the touch. Trust us on this. Do men groan when they see this? Definitely yes!

8. Dress dirty

All you need to do is dress yourself in your dirtiest outfit the next time you’re wondering how to get a boy to whine. How? Just imagining all the things we can do to you is enough to make a guy groan with anticipation!2 how to make a guy whine

9. Play Out Our Fantasies

Every guy has a sexual fantasy that he dreams of being fulfilled. It could be role-playing or you dressing in a certain way. Whatever it is, seeing our fantasies unfold in front of us is sure to make us groan!

10. Play with lips

Kissing isn’t the only thing you can do with our lips. Just sip them gently and use your tongue the next time you want to make a guy groan with pleasure.2 how to make a guy whine

11. Focus on our ears

How to make him whine? Simply pay attention to his ears! Give them a little cuddle and maybe play with your tongue, he’s sure to love it!

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12. Big toe!

Well, has anyone wondered that even a little attention to our toes would make us whine like crazy? Give them a little bit of attention and then watch him groan with joy! When it comes down to it, making a guy whine really isn’t that difficult. Just make sure you’re paying attention to the right parts and you’re good to go! Image: Shutterstock, Tumblr

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