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A checkbox plugin has been added that allows you to highlight arbitrary cells by holding down the shift key and selecting “Highlight”. Markers are saved with your client settings and work even across instances.Read: Runelite how to check boxagilityRead more: How to get coconut oil out of clothes An fairy necklace locator plugin has been added to tell you where the fairy necklace is configured to:Fairy ringAn entity level plugin has been added that allows you to hide other players and npcs from view.entityhiderRead more: How to make older loops from t-shirts There has been a huge effort to fix and fix all the clues from the cluescroll plugin. I expect a few more releases before it becomes solid, but it will no longer point at random objects. There are also a number of smaller improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • Opponent info sometimes no longer shows “null” for opponent’s name
  • Infoboxes now have a configurable wrap limit and can instead be configured to stack.
  • Support for slayer braces has been added to the slayer plugin
  • MLM plugin now only shows veins on the same floor as you
  • Fix the notes plugin to textwrap
  • More kingdom of misc. to the screenshot plugin
  • Displayed XP sphere length is now configurable
  • Fix client resizing itself when plugin table is collapsed and client is maximized
  • HP xp color also decreases when praying if XP is split
  • “Action Remaining” has been added to the XP sphere

Be enjoy! – Adam

New commitment

We’ve got 26 contributors to this release! Read more: how to add individual error bars in google sheets Adam(22): ge plugin: use query runner for bank query view: use LOCAL_COORD_BITS in getTileHeight and document that the parameters are the local keyword Remove unnecessary group ids equivalent to parent Rename runelite api artifact to runelite-api Rename runescape api artifact to runescape-api Change pushpixels groupId to net/runelite Update server test cache to use cache 165 overlay rendering: fix npe when client is null devtools : show version location info Add ground marker mixin slice plugin: don’t fire change events change itemlayer when loading service areas check for updates: set connection timeout lower Add runescape-client event executed command: rename pendingVarbitChanges / Count devtools plugin: add command to get and set idle varbits plugin idle message: use wildcard input for run . animation id elite config: add location to configure infobox overlay items: Reconfigure number of boxes per row npc mixin: transform npc in getName / getCombatLevel / getId npc indicator: fix npe building npcs Revert “Merge” most pull request #1886 from deathbeam/cleanup-sidebar” xp tracker service: fix Cas van Dongen connection acquisition deadlock (1): Slayer plugin: Added support for killer bracelet . Gabriel (2): Fix and add a few steps medium clues Fix anagram, confusing and emoji media clues (#1876) Gamer1120 (1): Show only exploits on the same layers in the MLM. Fixes #1642 Grant Dellar (1): Change JEditorPane to JTextArea HypoxiaOSRS (3): screenshot plugin: add Kingdom screenshot Add dragon and addy killer icon (#1725) agility arena idea Håkon Rosseland Paulsen (1): xpglobes: add duration of xp orbs in Infinitay config (2): kingdom plugin: show favor only when in realm Add Jeremy Plsek fairy ring plugin ( 5): clientui: don’t update size if maximized geplugin: generate class input listen to geplugin: replace default action when stretch mode is pressed alt: pass expand modifiers on click Jeroen Agility Shortcuts Highlight (2): Added inactivity message when crushing hell eel. Added support for colored HP xp drops if XP drops are split and the battle prayer is active. and size it to match the orb background Draw a clan icon that indicates the player further than the player name Add VarClientStr to the api and rename VarClient to VarClientInt Change the ground marker plugin to use the selected area tiles instead of placing them on mouse position Levi Schuck (1): Sort fishing spots by distance from camera Lotto (2): cluescroll-plugin: item variation group + show when to look for items product Add entity hider plugin Mantautas Jurksa (2): cluescroll plugin: remove tag from clue text Fix barbarian chest and wolf clues steps Reason (1): Add dropdown menu for font style for overlay in-game Rheon-D (1): agility plugin: add markup for mark of grace Rune Nielsen (3): Hint plugin: fix emoji clues and easy to understand ( #172 6) IdleNotifierPlugin : Add large fishing net IdleNotifier: Add hell janitor Samlof (1): Add more travel menu swap options and require Seth slime (3): overlay use: remove white border on small dots on overlay sweep: Rearrange list to match game overlay / use full name overlay: Replace existing killed brother overlays with their own SomeZer0 me (1): Fix confusing Tomas Slusny soul tree clue (8): Add back support for frequent overloads (NMZ) Stronger visual stat for MLM sacks Due to not using the location in object world Make ObjectClueScroll expand LocationClueScroll Fix runelite-client shader Remove unnecessary code from GroundMarkerPlugin Fix herbivore/flicker performance Sidebar clean up expand/close Tree (1 ): Added Sacred Eel and Manual Fishing (#1857) Valmir Memeti (1): Added “Action Remaining” to Xp orb WooxSolo (2): Fix cannon ammo count Repair 2 icon clues feeling

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